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    Are by far the absolutely the most beautiful creatures on the face of this Earth. And I love them all.

    You guys know I was in a car accident, and am now a temporary walker. It gives me the chance to walk the city (right now am at a library across town from where I live, since the library I go to is closed on Saturday). I don't mean to sound chauvinist, But this place is like the Playboy mansion of Libraries!!! They are all beautiful and really nice to talk to!!

    Yesterday, I was doing some shopping and started talking to a customer in line ahead of me, man she started really talking and the more she talked, the more I wanted to listen. See, she had a Polish accent, and I LOVE WOMEN WITH ALL ACCENTS. She was nit bad on the eyes too. The aid at my doctor's office is polish.. plus she's a nice person and fine as hell.

    Spanish women are some of the most beautiful on Earth...By that I mean the Spanish ones who make it on TV mostly...

    Ovbiously, Polish, but then you can't forget French, Italian, English and German (my wife is Italian).

    I'd write more but my computer will kick me off in 3 min...

    Who are your favorite types of women (or men, if your a female or that's just your preference...
    With spanish women, they're either drop dead, or not at all. No middle ground.
    Just like to point out that a 5 in scandinavia is a 10 anywhere else in the world.
    Every time though, they have to be on the same level of thinking as you. If you're on different levels, talking to them just becomes empty somehow. And I'm not talking intelligence by the way.

    "Did you really think I was the demon? The Demon of Empire City?"
    Inuits are fantastic

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