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  • [WikiLeaks] US officials testify in Manning hearing
    US officials testify in Manning hearing

    Quote:PFC Bradley Manning's lawyers called two witnesses from the US state department on Thursday to discuss what information was collected after the Wikileaks disclosures.

    Manning is charged with causing hundreds of thousands of classified documents to be published on the whistleblower website Wikileaks.

    The defence is trying to determine what documents were created after Wikileaks released purported classified state department cables, where they are, and how they can be accessed. Then they can ask the prosecution for those documents to bolster Manning's defence.

    The state department received a court order on Monday for three officials to testify for the defence.

    The first witness was Marguerite Coffey, the former director of the Office of Management Policy Right Sizing and Innovation Policy.

    She said her office was tasked with identifying shortcomings and deficiencies in system security and information management. She also made recommendations on updating information management policy.

    For example, the Foreign Affairs Manual didn't even contain the word "thumb-drive" before the Wikileaks disclosures.

    A Lidl Mo Sauce.

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