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  • Why are superstars in sports seem to make rash decisions?
    Stupid idiot. And second point is money means shit to the super

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. Stripped Of WBO
    Title After Failing To Pay Sanction Fee

    He made about 80g's per second, plus the money he already has banked, so I'm not sure why he didn't pay the 200 g for his fine.

    From the article:

    It elevated Timothy Bradley, who defeated Jessie Vargas on June 27 for the interim championship, to full champion status.

    Great for boxing, I have no idea who this guy is...

    What do you think about this or any sport. I can say Mike Tyson was a poor naive soul who without the protection of a Cus or anyone who really loved and cared for him, lost his way.

    I have MAyweather, but I didn't want him to see him lose THIS way.
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    To OP: Nobody replied to your lame thread because it sucks and is stupid. PROTIP: Don't wast people's time with your bullshit nonsense!!

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