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  • Why The Cosby Verdict Doesn't Matter
    It would be hard to find a person that hasn't been exposed to the story of Bill Cosby and his proclivity for drugging young women for the purpose of sexually abusing them. It is everywhere. All over television, social media, and more importantly, on the lips of every man, woman, and child all over the world. On September 25, 2018, Bill Cosby was sentenced to an ambiguous sentence of three to ten years in state prison. That was being reported, at least. Meanwhile, experts say that it is more accurate to say at least three years. The difference may seem pedantic, but I feel that this sentence will be a maximum of three years.
    How many accusers were there? Like a trillion? But this man gets three years for all of his crimes. Now, I know that you can't sentence people for crimes that cannot be proven— not arguing that point. I'm just saying that in the '90s when he was making Spanish Fly jokes on talk shows, the real joke was that he knew he was going to get away with it.

    And he has.

    [Image: 5889.png]

    But wait! He didn't get away with it. He was sentenced to prison— some might argue that given his age it is the equivalent of a life sentence. So, surely, justice has been served? Not in my opinion. Or some may argue that this is a win for victims of sexual abuse by powerful men all over the world...and it would be hard to argue otherwise. It is certainly a good thing that the judge had the balls to bring Cosby to accounting for his actions.

    But it doesn't matter.

    Cosby was allowed to live his entire life perpetrating crimes against humanity and then, in the eleventh hour, received what equates to a slap on the wrist. He drugged women, sexually abused them, threatened them with career assassination if they spoke up, and actually crushed the life out of a few that had the nerve to be pissed off about it. Yet, he suffered no consequence for his actions. Now, in the twilight of his life, when he is almost blind, partially deaf, and nearly dead, he is sentenced to a paltry three years for his lifetime of debauchery!? That'll show him Rolleyes

    The Cosby verdict, while undoubtedly a step forward for #MeToo and victim's rights in general, is simply not good enough. It is symbolic of change— or at least I hope so, but for the deviant, Bill Cosby, it is too little, too late.
    I wholeheartedly agree. Too Little, too late. He gets away with 3 years and may very likely get out... Some people have the luck.

    He'll be protected; if he gets killed, the prison will look incompetent for not protecting him. So no chance of a prisoner off'ing him (like the child molester) in the other thread. From articles I read on the webz (take that for what it is), he'll have no cellmate, in a cell adjacent to the infirmary. This story may not be true, but I also read he's getting Jello for dessert). Their hopes are to integrate him in gen pop, but we'll see. My point: He'll be well taken care of.

    He'll be required to take sex offender courses, but for him, that's condescending. He KNEW it was wrong and did it anyway. The level of evil is only heightened by the fact the public treats him as he's "sick". There are sick people, but he's not one of them. He's an evil predator. He asked for people to MEME him? The arrogance and lack of empathy were glaring.

    His victims are serving life sentences, and they were mocked by him being out for so long, living like a rich guy without a care in the world. Talk about insult to injury, plus the suffocating feeling that they felt knowing that this guy was unstoppable for so long. I truly hope they find peace in this... I hope they know they are better than he is and has found peace to move on. But that is just speculation and hope on my part. As you said, I believe he got away with it, too.

    The positive I see. People who band together and stick together do have a voice... I hope the fact they actively did something makes them feel satisfied in their accomplishment. I was going to say retribution, but people stronger than me will say it's not about that. And it's all about them and how they are getting along. Fuck this guy. He's an irrelevant POS now.

    Again, the definition of "justice" is subjective, and I know this is a wishful stretch in thinking, but I hope it fits the victims definition of justice so they get peace. Unfortunately, that's all they have...
    Bill Cosby was part of a group known as the Boule Society, ie, the Black Illuminati. I have friends and relatives tied in with this evil group and they are involved with everything. Much of the cvhaos within the black communities has to do witrh their influence. They are also responsible for racism at its highest levels. Bill Cosby refused to adhere to all of the agreements for the New World Order and felt a conscience for humans. He was a direct threat to the mission and to the order and hide to be eliminated. When one joins the Illuminati they are forced to take part in orhies, drugs, et cetera. This holds for insurance should one decide to betray. I have relatives who were deep within Hollywood, or Holy Wood, or the Magic Wan of Merlin the Magician. Like I said, when Im allowed to post links I will prove everything I say. People to Americans. For I stand with you when, as Charles Manson say, the great wars and race wars occur in this country. I will be the one waiting on the so-called muslims to strike because they will strike. Some of the most powerful muslims in the country have shared that once the American population has killed itself to a certain level, then the foreigners will strike. But the Mexicans and those from South America say that they have made deals with Democrats and other Liberals over 10 years ago guaranteeing that they have a place in this country. So the wars in America shall be many. You dont have to believe this. Just wait until the collapse. Then what many made fun of or ,ade jest about shall become a horrifying reality for them. So watch out for yall Communications Networks because when you see this and shared this with others you will become targets. Just food for thought.
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    (01-17-2019, 05:22 PM)Patel Wrote:  Bill Cosby refused to adhere to all of the agreements for the New World Order and felt a conscience for humans.

    As evidenced by all that druggin' and rapin' he did.
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    Quote:Bill Cosby refused to adhere to all of the agreements for the New World Order and felt a conscience for humans. He was a direct threat to the mission and to the order and hide to be eliminated.

    So they waited until he was eighty and nearly blind to "eliminate" him? Get the fuck outta here with this bullshit!
    (01-17-2019, 05:22 PM)Patel Wrote:  Black Illuminati. 

    On my way home, talkin' on my iPhone
    Mother fuckers tried to kill me with a fuckin' drone
    They think I'm Al Capone with a natural comb
    You just a clone of the original chromosome
    Me? I'm just a student of the Terradome
    You? You just recruitin' for the skull and bones
    Me? I do karate on Illuminati
    You can view the body
    I'm at a pool party

    - Ice Cube
    (01-17-2019, 05:47 PM)Wildcard Wrote:  
    Quote:Bill Cosby refused to adhere to all of the agreements for the New World Order and felt a conscience for humans. He was a direct threat to the mission and to the order and hide to be eliminated.

    So they waited until he was eighty and nearly blind to "eliminate" him? Get the fuck outta here with this bullshit!

    I had a cousin who was within the Hollywood scene. He tolf me many things and I went out there as well. There is a party that is given when one seeks a high paying contract. The party shall involve sex with women, men, and alot of drugs. Bill Cosby may have been in his 80's, but how many people revealed the truth of things when they were at late ages in life? They just don't feel that its worth it after so many years of being Satanic which is why Hollywood is now overran with alien human hybrids and clones. The latter were forcing humans out of work anyway. Cosby was in his 80's when convicted but the crimes occurred when he was much younger. Like I said, when you are invited to the party, much like all Law & Order stars have been, they get something on you as insurance should you betray them. And whether you believe it or not, there is a branch of Jebusites or Jews who are responsible for the deals with the devil on paper. Cosby sold his soul to satan for fame, fortune, and power. In the end,m Satan took it all back and punished him. Reptilians are real dude! I have witnessed them, been nursed on by them, and have watched them kill humans for food. Its just some things Cosby couldn't stomach. This is much bigger than you know. But its your choice. Just be prepared for the collapse because this will be a time that most critics will be forced to accept the truth. Also, when I was within the military I had clearance to as site where human DNA and alien DNA was being fused for colonization. Again, you don't have4 to believe it. But Cosby knew the truth.
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    So Fat Albert is part of a made up secret society, eh? must be all the mind-altering Monsanto chemicals they put in those pudding pops... And by saying that Satan is the leader of this society is just as insane...

    He's just another predator using his money and influence to get away with his BS... The only influence he sold out to was his own (not satan or the black Illuminati)... And that is no secret... Religion or science, good or evil, ANYTHING that affects your life is only as powerful as what you put into it... Life is what it is, no need for mysterious fairy tales like Satan controlling people or groups like Illumaniti to make it more interesting... or to be used as a scapegoat to blame on humans lack of self-control to do the right thing..
    Fucking Cosby!

    Yesterday this fucker proved he isn't just going deaf and blind physically, he is also socially blind as a fucking bat (socially? idk, bad analogy)

    Anyway, yesterday he tweeted a Father's Day message that lead with him still claiming to be "America's Dad"...yes, I'm serious.

    Bill Cosby Says He Is Still
    'America's Dad' In Father Day's Tweet

    I don't even know what to say, but I don't have to because Twitter meme-murdered that motherfucker immediately:

    I just heard that on the Stern replay. They also say there was a convict that was let out who knew Cosby in jail. He told Radar online that instead of drugs or other normal things people want in jail, he wanted posters of female celebrities. They mentioned Meghan Merkle and Kris Jenner as people he had on his wall.

    Cos was funny when I was a young kid, I have to admit, but the older I got the less I liked him...

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