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  • What makes you unique
    What would a "normal" person, think is different about your life? what makes you stand out?

    Well, for me, I used to be a power lifter, my max flat bench (when I could bench) was 480 lbs (218kg). I also had a pretty high paying job for someone with nothing more than a high school diploma...If I go back to work I'll never make that much $$$ again..

    Could be anything. hobby, accolades, whatever... I'd be interested in the responses.
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    Wow 480 lbs. ... I'm impressed!

    As for me, as long as I can remember people have been telling me that I have a beautiful smile that lights up the room when I walk in. People say that just seeing my smile makes them feel better ... at 54 years of age that's a lot folks I've made feel good which blesses me in return.
    I've also been told that I'm an encourager, something I aim to do with everyone I meet ... again something that blesses me also.

    You Give To The World When You Give Your Best To Somebody Else Hug
    my unique form of sarcasm
    I retired at 36. I have also masturbated at least once a day for the past 28 years; maybe that's why people say I look so young.

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