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  • What is the meaning of "CAM" on a file from TPB?
    I have recently D/L'd some new movies from TPB. They all had the term "CAM" in the title and I assumed that meant they were recorded via a camcorder instead of ripped from a DVD.

    The quality of those movies (both the audio and video) were really terrible. But if I wait a few weeks, I can usually find these same movies without the "CAM" term in the title and the quality of those movies is hugely improved.

    Anyway, I just wanted to ask some of the members here because I'm pretty sure some of you know a lot more about it than I do.

    Your assumption is correct.
    CAMs are bootleg videos made by bringing a camcorder into a movie theater and taping the movie.
    Which is why anyone interested in quality video won't bother with CAMs.
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    Thank you Velvet.

    I'm not too fussy about quality. But the CAM recordings I have found are so terrible they are virtually unwatchable.

    You can even often hear the audience in the theatre laughing and talking. I really hate that.

    AFAIC, from now on, if I see "CAM", I won't even bother to D/L the file.

    I very much appreciate your telling me that.
    There are also TS or telesync which are also cams, in that the video is from a camera in a theater, but the sound is taken from another source to avoid hearing people talk, etc. So if the picture quality is not that big of an issue, a TS is the way to go for newly released movies. Otherwise you will have to wait for a screener or a dvd or bluray rip.
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    A rare video marker is TC, which stands for Telecine-- don't confuse this with the horrible quality of the TS movies. Telecine is a very precise way of transferring a video from the original production film to digital.

    If done correctly a TC should be on par with any DVD Rip.

    Older movies released on DVD, unless they have been digitally cleaned up and enhanced, are simply telecine transfers from 35 mm film.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein

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