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  • Movies What has happened to John Travolta?
    I recently watched Gotti (2018) and it reminded me how much that I like John Travolta. Now, admittedly, Gotti wasn't a good movie, but I still had hope that there were new movies of his that I had somehow missed out on and should check out.

    So, I went to IMDB and checked out Travolta's filmography, started at the most recent film and worked my way backward.

    It wasn't pretty.
    ...all those were in 2019.

    When you get back to 2018, it isn't much better. With Speed Kills (2018) and the aforementioned Gotti (2018) as the only two movies of 2018, and an apparent hiatus in 2017, except for a Pitbull msuic video, you have to go back to 2016's In a Valley of Violence to find a movie that he is in that is rated over 5 stars...and it isn't rated much more than that.

    Being real, as I look back at his work, I have to go back to the mid 2000's to find a movie that he is in that I really like...

    So, I guess the days of crazy-good movies from Travolta, like Swordfish, Primary Colors, and Pulp Fiction have passed. Sort of sad, though.

    John Travolta - Imdb
    John Travolta, Actor: Battlefield Earth. John Joseph Travolta was...

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