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    Music What are you listening to?
    (Yesterday, 03:58 AM)Stella 1977 Wrote:  @LZA Jani Lane. What a genius, taken way too early. Words can't describe the talent this man had. I want to ask you ,is this a masterpiece or not? i mean,the double voice,the chorus,the church choir in german language,the shuffle solo...this is a song only an adult songwriter with genius in his heart and soul could ever think about...r.i.p. jani

    I appreciate the sentiment, although the video is unavailable.

    As far as guitarists... When you think f the best, a few names come to mind. ForI thing David Gilmour from Pink Floyd doesn't come up enough.

    Just one of the great PF classics, 8:05 is one of my favorite parts to really any song in general.
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