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    Music What are you listening to?
    @LZA Underrated song from Hey Stoopid!!!

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    @LZA This song always put me in a good mood! Ugh That hook just makes you wanna dance!

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    @Stella 1977

    It's weird listening to this stuff with an open mind for once... I would just see these guys and shut it off.

    Right now, I'm listening to this:

    Pretty cool dance song, or head bobbin in your chair.. Also another good driving song
    @LZA Why do i find Blackie Lawless so sexy.... i don't even get it yet.

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    (12-07-2019, 01:00 PM)Stella 1977 Wrote:  @LZA Why do i find Blackie Lawless so sexy.... i don't even get it yet.

    LOL, not sure I can help you with that question...

    I was visiting this weekend. I friend of mine agrees with you about hairspray being better than grunge... He's about 6 years older, so he grew up with it. We were listening to some of it.

    This isn't the song he showed me, but I know he was talking about Night Ranger.
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    @LZA Madonna.. She blew the world away and pissed off Every one. I love this song.

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    @LZA Ending the original Mad Max trilogy with this song was just fantastic.Still sounds excellent 34 years later. One of the best songs ever!!

    (This post was last modified: 12-18-2019, 12:51 PM by Stella 1977.)
    the message is peace
    Maneesh de Moor

    @Stella 1977

    I never liked or really listened to Billy Idol, but I heard this song a few days ago and didn;t realize it was him.

    I like this song because it brings me back to when I was younger, and when it was warm outside...I hate the fucking winter...Even though its been warm, everyone is sick and its still bare and dark.

    This song reminds me of open windows, only 1 latyer of clothes, driving with the music blaring with the moonroof open...
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