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    Music What are you listening to?
    @Wildcard I remember being instantly hooked on to the song when I first heard it. How these guys did not rise to the top I will never know. Incredible musicians, with great songs.

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    Stumbled back across this song after not hearing it in years.

    Depeche Mode — Dream On

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    @ Kip Winger has the best teeth and gorgeous looks, he's still good looking.

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    Not too big a fan of The Cars, but this is a cool song...
    @Wildcard The deepest and most powerful Aerosmith song. I love this song so much! When I hear it I can imagine the whole story, it's incredible. Steven Tyler donated money to get a house ready for domestic abuse women victims when he learned they are called Janie's Houses.

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    You never know just how you look through other people's eyes
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    Underrated band...
    This is an amazing video. Probably deserves its own thread, even.

    Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist

      Joyner Lucas
    He is doing both parts. The two guys in the video are just actors.

    [Image: jh9c21O.jpg]
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