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  • Tech Discussion What anti-virus software do you use?
    What anti-virus software do you use on your PC?
    Describe the product you use, and why you chose it.
    Provide a link to the manufacturer's web page.

    Here is Wikipedia's comparison chart of the major brands of anti-virus software:
    Comparison of antivirus software

    Personally, I use the Sophos Unified Threat Management (UTM v9.2) firewall, which runs as a dedicated firewall and router on a common PC hardware box with two or more Ethernet cards installed.
    I also use their Sophos End Point Protection Suite on my PCs.
    The combination of those two products provide an enterprise class integrated and centrally managed anti-virus environment that can be configured to update hourly.

    I picked Sophos because it was the natural progression for me from the Astaro Security Gateway that I have used various versions of for more than 10 years.
    Sophos bought out Astaro in July 2011.

    Sophos' price can't be beat, since they provide a free 3 year home use license for both their firewall and their desktop anti-virus software for up to 10 PCs.
    Link: http://www.sophos.com/en-us.aspx

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    I just use Avast because... well it's free and it does what I need it too.
    In all fairness I have half the virus shields it provides turned off most of the time. xD
    since it was legit so I can still updates it since it was my company give it for me for free since the siemens specific virus rampage

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    Norton 360
    Avira ftw

    I do get annoyed by the constant updates. I think sometimes they just want to make you think the shit is doing something when really it is just eating up memory XD
    I use:Webroot

    It works with the Windows Firewall... I originally bought their cache cleaner way back when.They do everything now...and it doesn't eat up memory like the old Norton used to. I also used Panda in the past , which I thought was good. I just switched from Norton 360 a couple years ago.
    Avast with a licence that expires 2036 Rolleyes
    I don't use any,guess why?
    cause your using the neighbours connection?
    cause...it's no use, the virus inside yours is more severe than the one that will infect it?

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