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  • West Virginia Inmates Charged Five Cents Per Minute To Read
    Quote:The per-minute charge will bring in far more profit than an e-book vendor who charges a set price for downloads, as the cost to read a book far exceeds the cost to purchase one. And that cost will be especially unfair to new readers and people with dyslexia.

    The paperback version of 1984 is about 330 pages. It will take a person who is able to read 30 pages per hour about 11 hours to read the novel. At the discounted $0.03/minute usage fee, 11 hours of reading a free book will cost a person about $19.80—and this is if you don't stop to think or re-read.

    The Cost Of Reading In Prison: In
    West Virginia It's 5 Cents A Minute
    And it just gets worse...

    The American Prison System's War On
    Reading • Protean Magazine

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