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  • Well Hello There
    It has been pretty quiet around here lately, but I have been working to try to get things going again. I've been making a few changes in the theme and some of the functionality and I just wanted to go over it briefly in case anyone is actually reading this Tongue


    I've made an attempt to simplify the process of joining the forums by removing many of the options in the process, while hopefully deterring spammers in ways that potential members will not be annoyed by.

    User CP Is Dead

    I've rebranded it "Account Settings" or in some cases just "Settings" to simplify the concept for users. Account Settings has a new look and the tabbed interface extends to the private messaging pages as well. Again, some settings have been reorganized, but for the most part it is just a new skin.

    YouTube Video Embedding

    Now when YouTube videos are embedded in a post, they are not loaded until the user clicks play. This will help with those slow page loads in the random video thread, or anywhere multiple videos are posted on the same page. Also, quoted YouTube links will no longer produce embedded videos, but rather preview image links, which will be displayed in a new tab on youtube.com-- incidentally, I fixed the https auto-embed bug while I was at it.

    More To Come

    Historically, I have had trouble finding free time so I won't make promises, but I'm in a decent position right now in terms of obligation, so I will give it my best to finish the video auto-embedding, work on some other small improvements, and finish fixing the bugs that are leftover from the upgrade a few months back.

    Spread the word to anyone who might care, Rant Central is trying to creep back in the mix Smile
    One possible suggestion for preventing the spam bots, (if new ones are still registering) is adding a noCaptcha from Google. It'll run in the background so the user registration still remains simplified and not clunked up using a typical captcha.
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    Thanks for your thoughts, @Fasko. We are currently using a few invisible measures, including the one you mentioned.

    In the big picture, I'd rather make it easier on new users to sign up-- even if that means having to nuke a spammer from time-to-time Smile
    that's my favourite job,nuking spammers

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