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    I moved from my hometown to get away from the mind-boggling drama people seem to enjoy. Now I feel I moved right into another one. This town is gorgeous, small, mountains, glaciers, just amazing.
    I am starting to fucking hate it. It's so small that the regulars that don't move (long term like me or those who were born here) are all the god damned same. Drinking and doing drugs every single day, whining about not having money to support their habits but, yet too lazy to work.

    Not only that, those who I thought were friends just keep seeming to be a right out fucking joke. Not sure how someone who makes fun of their other friends all the time, bossing them around or judging them could be considered a friend to me. Never saw it before.

    Now every one that I have run into issues with (that being a crazy chick harassing me, blaming me for her boyfriend lying to both of us about dating each other, one who blames me for my boyfriend choosing me and not her after she fucked all his roommates to make him jealous, one who couldn't boss me around like her other followers so she cut me out of her 'circle', one who didn't like the fact she didn't always get attention so she would spread rumors ) yes, really fucking petty crazies has come back all at once. OH FUCKING JOY!!! So, me only having the select 5 bars out of this town NOT to see them...really might just lose my shit and take on as many as i can.
    Why? Because it might actually make me feel better. The Finger LMAO[/color][/size]

    Feeling like highschool all over again...so sad.
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    maybe you should go up hill and stick your head in the snow for a while
    once we actually get snow, good idea.

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