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    If I started naming all of the ways in which I am weird, it would take the rest of my life. 🤷‍♂️

    Never having been a person that fits well within the mainstream, I am used to thinking differently than most of the people I know. However, there are a few things that stand out from the rest as exceptionally different from the main stream.

    [Image: 6174.png]

    The thing that brought this thread to my mind was the rain this morning. I already mentioned before that I don't mind the weather changing, but I have come to realize that there is a more specific issue.

    I like the rain.

    People around me say things like, "I'll be glad when this mess is over with," and I am over here like, why? Complaints about the mud or that it is just so "nasty" outside are weird to me. I don't love getting soaking wet, either, but a little forethought on rainy days can mitigate those issues. Wear appropriate clothes rather than bitching about your sandals being wet Rolleyes

    I find the rain calming. The sound of rain on my roof is nice. It seems that police pull people over less when we are having wet weather. Most of all, I feel insulated when it is raining. People stop by for a visit less when it is inclement out. I prefer that.

    Enough about me...

    In What Ways Are You Obviously Weird?
    Do you have an odd opinion about a subject that seems mostly to be universal? Is there something everyone hates that you love? (or vice versa?)
    Tell us.
    "weird" is as subjective a word as "normal" is IMHO

    I guess I'd have to have people tell me what I do is weird since I think it's normal
    As a little kid, I never fir in, I was uber shy and found it hard to make friends... As far as a popularity thing, I was weird... It was like I was on a different wavelength as everyone else. Plus the depression made me feel like I was less than everyone else...

    I was clueless... I remember a girl asking me to "fool around" but I said no, not knowing what I was missing. Socially immature to say the least...Maybe a touch of Aspergers or autism, ot just borderline retarded. It took me a long time to figure shit out... Even handling shit my trying suicide by Overdosing and just saying fuck it all is not a normal way to handle things.

    The drugs fif give me a great insight but that was unused until I got clean... While I was in it, I was insane. NOw I can advocate for myself and actually LIVE life instead of reacting like a coward and png ponging off of the rules other people set. That plus my views on God changed so much afterward. I thought I'd never "reach God" being sober... BUT reading and listening to others, there are philosophers, and such that told me what I experienced so I guess that's like seeing God being sober... So I was wrong about that. But people who are religious can never come as close to God as I do... The closest thing I can equate my experiences to is Hinduism. I guess for a white American in my social circle, that is weird too... When I was down and out in the ghetto, if you didn't follow the bible verbatim, you were evil... Yet these same people committed all other kinds of crimes preying on people... Ah well... I digress.

    simple things: I love the smell of gasoline and paint, and I LOVE freshly cut grass even though it fucks with my allergies. I LOVE driving fast, and I'm lay by nature... I'm sure the list can go on and on,
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    i HATE HEINZ Ketchup on anything. but I'll eat the ketchup they put on fast food like McDs

    nothing can touch as far as food and I eat in a specific order. mustard on hod dogs only (no hamburgers), and again, ketchup can go to hell
    I'm not weird,I'm totally NORMAL
    I like the smell of skunk spray.
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    I also like the smell of gasoline and paint .

    also, fresh cut grass... it makes me weird because I love it but it gives me allergies
    I'm alergic to arseholes

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