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    [Image: 332373532_6a17f476c9.jpg]

    The Wave Bubble was designed by a young American female electrical engineer named Limor Fried while she was a student at MIT.
    It is the only electronic device that I have ever come across that no one is allowed to buy, sell or operate.
    It is a completely illegal electronic circuit.
    The design is brilliant.
    It is a programmable auto tuning multi frequency near field RF jammer running on a lithium battery.
    It is designed to fit inside an empty cigarette pack.
    Pushing the button turning it on will silence all cell phones nearby.

    She describes her R&D process developing the device here:

    The complete design files, including schematic, PCB Gerber files and firmware for the Wave Bubble are available on the Lady Ada web site listed below.

    Wave Bubble
    no description

    Commercial grade circuit boards and the parts list with DigiKey parts numbers are available here:

    4 X Pcbs LED Display Module Dot
    Matrix 8X8 Led Dot Matrix Module For Arduino | Ebay

    The Wave Bubble technical support discussion forum is here:

    Adafruit Customer Service Forums •
    View Forum - Wave Bubble

    Here is Limor Fried promoting the device:

    Her thesis submission for her M.Sc degree at MIT, which outlines her reasoning behind designing the Wave Bubble device, is available here.
    It is well illustrated and a very interesting read.

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    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    that's brilliant,thanks for sharing,VF

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