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  • Watch Out For Poisoned Shoes
    Oh man! First we had to watch out for too much cholesterol. Then it was too many calories.

    Now? It's poison shoes. No Shit!

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    Japanese Man Tries to Kill Woman by Poisoning her Shoes - He Came Pretty Close
    This reminds me of that other Japanese guy who pounced on that schoolgirl, grabbed her ankle, pulled her sock off and ran away.

    I wonder what his motives were for lacing her shoes with poison, truly bizarre.
    Maybe he was trying to kill her shoes.
    (03-29-2013, 12:46 AM)Spudgun17 Wrote:  This reminds me of that other Japanese guy who pounced on that schoolgirl, grabbed her ankle, pulled her sock off and ran away.

    I wonder what his motives were for lacing her shoes with poison, truly bizarre.

    I once read a book that discussed all kinds of sexual deviations and fetishes. It recounted case histories of individuals all the way from the 1800s. They think that Jack the Ripper was an extreme case of someone with a sexual fetish and/or deviation.

    Apparently, the most common kind of fetish deals with men who cannot reach orgasm unless they are in contatct with a woman's hands or gloves or legs or feet or stockings or shoes. I would guess they acquired these kinds of fetishes because they came into contact with a woman's hands or feet at a very early age and became sexually aroused and never forgot that.

    One article I read about prostitutes said that one of the most common fetishes they are requested is to stand or walk on a man's chest or back wearing high-heels. One sex worker told a particularly lurid story about how one man (he was some high-paid professional like a doctor or a lawyer) liked to have two girls and one of them would wear some high heeled boots and stand on his chest while the other one would hold the first girl by her shoulders and slowly twist her around so that her heels would dig into the man's chest and leave a bloody mess as she spun her around and around. Remember that movie "Klute"? At one time Jane Fonda asks Donald Sutherland, "Would you like me to put on some high heels and dance around on your chest?" I guess she was talking about this kinds of fetish.

    Anyway, that happened around 1850 in London.

    If anyone is interested in details about stories like these, I'm sure you can find tons of material using Google.

    Spud, your Japanese man probably wanted to masturbate while looking at that girl's sock or sniffing it. That is a very common fetish. But I've only ever heard of two cases where a man would actually chase down a woman in public and steal her socks or shoes from her. I would think most men would prefer to pay a hooker cuz it is so much easier and so much less risky. Can you imagine going to jail and some inmate asked you the reason why you were arrested? Talk about embarrassing!

    The definition of a sexual fetish is someone who cannot achieve sexual orgasm without the aide of a woman's articles of clothing - usually related to the hands or feet but also including underwear - sometimes bras, but usually panties).

    Do you remember the case of Donald Trump and his blonde wife Marla (the one after Ivana) who hired some man servent but then fired him because he stole a whole bunch of her shoes? They claimed they had no idea why he would do that. But I'm pretty sure he had a shoe fetish and did it so that he could masturbate while looking at the shoes or sniffing them.

    Most men who have these kinds of fetishes have learned to keep them very secret so that they are never discovered. They certainly do not want any of the shame or embarrassment associated with the publicity if their stories were to be made known.

    Personally, I think people should be allowed to "live and let live" so long as they don't steal things or involve children. Prostitutes are an ideal resource for these men. Especially if they don't cause them any harm. Apparently, many prostitutes report that men with these kinds of fetishes are their favorite clients because they never cause them any pain and pay them very well. If they ever have any problems, they just threaten to make these men's fetishes public and that is the end of the problem. However, it never seems to come to that. They really don't want their fetishes to be made public.

    I have heard Howard Stern talk about how he likes his wife's feet and how he like to sniff them as well as her shoes. According to him, this is something that a great number of men enjoy.

    I recall one time listening to Kathy Lee Gifford say that she thought any man who liked to sniff women's shoes or feet was truly sick and should be locked up in a crazy ward. I think they should be locked up if they ever force a child to get involved with their fetishes. But as long as two people are both willing participants and no one is harmed or injured, I don't see the harm. As the French say, "To each their own" (Chac'un a s'ont Gout). They also say "Don't Shoot! We Surrender!"

    I think Kathy Lee Gifford is the one who should be locked up for owning sweat shops where children are forced to work on women's fashions. I fucking hate that bitch.

    I once asked a prostitute about men with that kind of fetish and she told me they were her most favorite kinds of clients cuz they never gave her any trouble and she kind of enjoyed causing pain to men. She said that when she walked around on a man's chest wearing high heels, she could hear him mutter and grunt out in pain whenever she stepped down hard on her heels. She asked me if I'd like to try it and although I must admit that I was rather intrigued, I never would want to take a chance on trying something like that. So, I thanked her but I passed. After all, it seems to me that you could easily wind up in a hospital or morgue trying something like that.
    (This post was last modified: 03-29-2013, 06:58 AM by AliShibaz.)
    Poisoned Shoes, this is really strange thing and the topic also. What would happen if you are wearing this type of shoes. Can anybody like to tell me about this. Or it can cause a desperately mysterious death of anyone. What you say about it.

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