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  • Wash Your Ass
    I can vaguely remember this scene from Lucky Luke where he tells Billy The Kid to wash up in the river. Billy gets really upset and argues that he doesn't have to because he did it last month.
    I use soap.Fuck tissue paper.
    hey,we have something in common
    I find most people who don't consider their personal hygiene are either seriously depressed, ill, or utterly clueless. Earlier, when out at work, I saw this dolly-bird type with bleach-blonde hair, bright orange fake tan, cleavage bra, the works. She'd obviously spent an awful lot of time on her appearance, and was making guy's heads turn, left right and centre. When she walked past me, I gagged as a strong stench of shit hit me.The looks on the faces of her admirers as they got a whiff was comedy gold. How could she not know she stunk of poo? I smelt perfume, make-up,and hair styling type stuff, so I know she must have had a sense of smell as none of those smells 'clashed' if you like. It wasn't accidental baby poop or anything like that, this was more long term, like she'd not bathed in years. She looked immaculate to say she stunk so bad. Gross.

    I have to shower daily as I work with dogs, so I'm always coated in grass, mud, bits of sticks etc when I get home. Shampoo, conditioner, rose shower gel, and a facial wash of some sort is all I need. I don't wear make-up or put hair styling products on my hair, so I think I smell less anyway. I like a bath once or twice a week purely for switching off and relaxing.

    If I'm using public transport and am confronted by some inconsiderate buggers nasty arse smell, I'll get off. Once I had a taxi driver pick me up from a supermarket after doing my food shopping, and he stunk so bad that I opened all the windows, left him 2 cans of deoderant on the back seat, got out and called another one. I don't know what his story was but I know I never want to smell something that disgusting again.
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    I just Dont get it. if they get up and get dressed for work why can't they run their body under some hot water for 5 minutes. also have you ever met somebody who did smell great and looked great but then their breath smelled like Ass??!! Omg that is such a turn off for me. i take pride in a clean and pretty smile. Fucking green teeth like they live on jack sparrows ship and they are pirates!!! Damn close your mouth or wear a muzzle!!!

    "Exactly breath" breath that smells exactly like Ass

    Bunnies are better
    (04-11-2013, 11:13 PM)Bunny Wrote:  I just Dont get it. if they get up and get dressed for work why can't they run their body under some hot water for 5 minutes.

    You don't get it because you're not considering probable cause. Such as mental illness, physical illness, or both. You can still wash yourself, and your clothes, and have an undesirable body odor, or undesirable odor attached to your clothes. And in most cases, these people are fully aware of it themselves, to a point where anxiety is induced and they don't want to go outside to socialize, which of course only worsens their illness as a result. Now, I'm ok with jokes, and I'm ok with people not knowing everything there is to know, but drawing from the simplest conclusion and presuming that they haven't washed themselves in an attempt to disparage and discriminate doesn't make them appear bad, or repulsive-- just you.
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    [Image: bad-image.png]
    The picture above makes a valid point about access to clean, safe water. It doesn't matter whereabouts in the world you are, as long as you have clean water available, there is no excuse for not taking care of your personal hygiene. I've washed myself down in public restrooms before now, usually when travelling, and it only takes all of 2 minutes to do so.
    i live in the himalayas and there's a huge typhoid epidemic going on,spread by feces in water,here we are living and having to drink mineral water,really[i don't,i have a spring,but....]
    Reading these posts reminds me of a story. This will be my bed time story since I'm going to get some sleep after this.
    My first job was a janitor at a nursing home. One night before I was going to leave, I get paged to mop up a floor in a patient room. As soon as I get off the elevator I almost get knocked over by the intense smell of shit. It's like the devil himself took a dump, and it only got worse as I got more towards the room. As soon as I got there two of the nurses aids were holding back their puke, and taking care of the patient that committed that heinous deuce snappage. It was all over the floor, the wall and the bed. One of the aids told me it was from a milk of magnesia that they gave him and the actual turd (which I didn't see) was about the size of a small baseball bat. So, I'm washing the floor when the two aids bring the patient across the floor that was wet & the patient started slipping. The 2 aids had each of this mans arms, and were slipping as well. They yelled at me to "get the chair" which was a shower chair right next to the bed that had yet to be cleaned. I ran over grabbed the chair, & not realizing I too was walking on the wet floor, did a Nestea plunge falling back in the bed. As soon as I hit the bed (the fall felt like it was going in slow motion) I felt instantly wet. the two aids started laughing like hell. I was babbling like a bitch about being covered, went down to the maintenance room where the pressure washer was, stripped & hosed myself off. Two other things I remember was my car smelling like shit for the next day or so (It was a VW GTI) and when I actually got home my mom yelled at me "did you shit your pants on the way home?" Ahhhhh good times...
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