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  • Help Request Voice Manipulation Software??
    Looking for software that will distort audio without leaving the audio inaudible.

    Any suggestions??
    Masking your voice? Kaiser sometimes I worry about what you're up to Tongue

    There are a lot of options, but it depends on whether you need it to happen in real-time or you just want to process a sound file . . .

    Wildcard is awesome.
    Real time.
    I'm not going kidnapping anyone or looking for ransoms and shit. It's just i've listened to my tutorials at times and i have a very heavy Dublin accent. i'd like to soften it a little so it's easier to understand to anyone who's native tongue is not English.
    I've had a huge amount of messages on my Youtube channel asking me questions that are clearly answered in the tutorials. My guess is that my accent can be hard to understand for some people Smile
    Now that's a toughie. I know that manipulating voice streams is a delicate art. I don't know enough about it on that level to help, sorry.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    No problem.

    It was a shot in the dark but worth asking. Camtasia Studio has an option for Male/Female voiceover but i think i'll just leave it as it is.

    Cheers for the reply anyway MARK. Smile
    i can understand it,dunno why others can't
    me too,but then i'm a bit of a dodoBig Grin
    I'm not use to the accent, but I had no problems following it . . .

    Wildcard is awesome.

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