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  • Virtual Pack Rat (Another Addiction Thread)
    I agree. Netflix/HUlu has allowed me to free up space (als also shell out for YT prem so I have my songs on the app.

    I only have my precious... ST-TNG, PICARD season 1, Smallville, Sopranos, The Wire... Rammstein FLAC... Stuff that I can't do without and CAN do if the internet is out.
    well,mine was about 100gigs but I managed to loose it all last winter[don't ask me how,you can imagine]I've been struggling ever since
    Big OOF

    Sorry buddy Sad
    I since added Ozarks and BB to the list... Shit that are my "drop what I'm doing and can watch" stuff.

    99.9% of music is now youtube. I've downloaded stuff from there if I think copyright will strike it down.

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