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  • Unreleased NES Wrestling Game Discovered After Thirty Years
    Original Nintendo system fans around the world have a fellow enthusiast, Stephan Reese to thank for finding a previously unreleased NES title, simply named, UCW.

    [Image: eJ9HfL3.jpg]

    Wrestling fans might remember that the Universal Wrestling Corporation was the predecessor to World Championship Wrestling (WCW). This is a full wrestling game, featuring famous wresting personalities of the time, like Ric Flair, the Road Warriors, and Sting.

    So, why didn't this primetime offering ever see the light of day? One explanation concerns the 1990 release of WCW Wrestling, an officially licensed WCW game, from publisher FCI. So, it looks like someone beat them out on the endorsement, and somebody lost a lot of money...

    Here is a newly-released video showing a full play-through of the game:

    I never got into emulators... I wonder if this game will be made available to play on one. A lot of people are into the nostalgia.

    LOL, so much has changed... One of the Road Warriors has passed away and the gameplay shows one guy giving a piledriver, which is now an illegal move...

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