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  • Unhappy at your job? Why quit?
    If you quit, you will just lose your salary and benefits and your self-esteem.

    There are many alternatives to quitting. For example:


    Tea Workers Burn Boss To Death
    Hundreds of Indian tea workers surround their boss's bungalow and...

    Hundreds of tea plantation workers have set alight their boss's bungalow in north-east India, burning to death the owner and his wife, officials say.

    Angry workers surrounded the bungalow at Kunapathar in Assam state late on Wednesday, following a two-week long dispute with the management.

    I'm certainly not saying this approach is best for everyone. But, for those people living in India, this may be something to consider. I don't think it would be an effective method of protest here in the West. But I'm certain there could be an equally satisfactory protest alternative found here.

    It is, after all, one clear way to communicate to management your profound unhappiness with the current state of affairs. Absolutely clear. No equivocation. Absolutely none!

    Although, I think it would have been more effective had they just burned the wife and let the husband live so that he might have something to think about.

    By burning both of them, there is no one left to make any reforms. So, IMO, it's a big mistake to burn both of them. They should have left someone alive to implement some knee-jerk management-style improvements.

    Don't you think?
    (This post was last modified: 12-27-2012, 02:40 PM by AliShibaz.)
    The workers openly told police and journalists what they'd done after suffering cruelty and abuse at the owners hands, and with the majority of the mob being women and children, they obviously saw no other option than to set the house alight. 2 years earlier, workers set fire to another tea factory (owned by the same guy) so the problem with management seemed like an ongoing one. They said female workers were mistreated, workers were tortured for petty things, and that the owner had stolen the plot of their local church.

    From this act alone, it would seem to me that management thought they could get away with this sort of behaviour. Mistreating workers is one thing, but doing it over a long period of time and stealing church land that was for the locals is quite another. It'll be interesting to see if police hold anyone responsible for this, i mean what are they going to do, arrest and charge 100s of women and children?

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