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    A 3 days grace cd, Zebs tooth brush, and 18 LSU football players. +12 Yay

    My astronaut boyfriend bought me wonderful birthday presents. they were all things we could use in the bedroom. I loved the juniper scented body oil. And the thongs he gave me fit great but looked like butt-floss. all in all it was a great box full of gifts.


    Bunnies are better
    1.7 lbs. Carl's Junior left overs in paper sack; 3 individual shredded mini-wheats (frosted); and a Rubic's Cube. Yay

    A sign outside the general store was signaling that the rates on kettles were discounted.

    shocking - fountain - castrated

    It was shocking to see the little boy in the fountain so thoroughly castrated.

    revenge -armistice - toffee
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    It was during the Bolivian Toffee Rebellion of '41. The locals wanted their revenge for the life of their leader's daughter, who had been killed trying to stop an argument between the state men and her father's group. The state wanted blood for the two soldiers that had been slain in the uprising following the earlier incident. An armistice was called to allow for the state's men to go number two.

    bungalow — raptor — denial
    Bit of a mouthful, but then you always were😉 +6

    He paced the bungalow’s living room in a state of denial about the girl asleep and cuddled up with a toy raptor in the spare room, a note on the nightstand claiming her to be his daughter.

    moon - casino - her

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