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  • Rant This thing of ours (La Cosa Nostra)
    (06-07-2019, 05:42 PM)Stella 1977 Wrote:  @LZA I agree with you. Everytime the bell rings, we see what Tony see. People walking into the restaurant. So the last part after the bell .. he saw nothing. Tony absolutely dies at the end. You never see Meadow come through the door. You hear the bell ring on the door, Tony looks up, and then cut to black. He never saw it coming, just like Bobby said. Also, the camera deliberately shows the guy in the Members Only jacket look towards Tony twice before going to the bathroom. He did it and Tony got caught completely off guard.

    Exactly. David Chase left MANY clues for this. Also, remember the first episode of season six where junior shoots Tony? The name of that episode is called Members Only. I can't believe there are those out there that say Tony is alive.
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    @LZA Check this out. Today's mobsters are more afraid of what the government will do to them than their own Mob.

    (This post was last modified: 06-11-2019, 11:39 AM by Stella 1977.)
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    I've heard about a lot of these guys before... One thing this video jogs my memory on is that Nicky Scarfo was every bit as ruthless as Gaspipe ever was. I didn't realize that big Joe actually turned to the government.
    @LZA Scarfo probably would have been a serial killer if he wasn't in the mob, he was just way too blood thirsty. Worst thing to happen to Philly Mob. Him having Sal Testa killed was horrible, over the top. Napoleon complex. I'm surprised he wasn't taken out, but in the end maybe rotting away in Prison was a more fitting end. Frankly society benefitted from Scarfo's lunatic murder rampage. What he was doing was nuts as far as the mob is concerned, but for regular society he was doing us a favor.
    @Stella 1977 Killing Sal Testa was stupid... He didn't realize that Testa was a die-hard Scarfo fan who would never betray him. Scarfo destroyed himself by being so paranoid. The Philly mob was a bunch of sociopaths that got rich due to AC. You are right though. As far as decent human beings, what he did was really no loss to society.

    My ex-father in law is 100% Italian. His father came from southern Italy. He hasn't watched one episode of Sopranos since he is ashamed that his people can act like that. True Italians are had workers that helped build this country. He hated how there were those that would prey on his own kind and others just to make themselves rich. He hates how the mafia is such a small % but the stereotype of Italians are known for that.
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    Another time waster... This is an interview with the guy that played Carlo Rizzi on the Godfather (Talia Shire's husband that Sonny beat up). He was connected in real life. HE tells stories about the actors and the life in general. I haven't watched it all yet, but it seems interesting so far.
    Just finished watching yesterday... If 10% of his stories are true then holy shit... He talks about Sinatra, The Kennedy's, Marilyn Monroe, Hoffa, James Caan, Brando, Pachino.

    Even if it'snot true ( I have no reason to believe he's lying), it's still entertaining as all hell!
    The subject is kinda off topic, but the people are not.

    John Gotti III is now a pro-MMA fighter. Here is an interview with him and his father John Jr. One thing you have to say about the Gotti's is that they are all tough guys.

    I'm hoping he can keep on the straight and narrow and bring some positivity to the Gotti name.
    @LZA When you are named John Gotti lll you don't need no scary nickname.
    (06-19-2019, 04:04 PM)Stella 1977 Wrote:  @LZA When you are named John Gotti lll you don't need no scary nickname.

    You aren't kidding. Since this was in the past I looked up the fight they were discussing and he beat the guy in 30 seconds! Just growing up where they did you had to be tough... John Sr grew up in the Bronx... John Jr was tough, but he was roided up and not as much as a real gangster... More like a wannabe playing off the name, and Gotti III seems to be a legit tough guy trying to do the right thing.

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