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  • This Pope - religion in general
    What are your thoughts on this in general?

    I don't have any religious feelings as far as organized religion goes, but I guess I'm religious as far as being really spiritual...I Guess you can say I don't believe in any religion face value word for word, but I believe the truth lies in all of the religions mixed. I think the truth is a mixture of everything, but it's mixed in with manmade lies.

    I say do whatever you want if it fills your soul with love , hope and joy. I remember one priest from a catholic church that said if you don't have enough money to give as an offering, then you don't have enough of what it takes to be here. When I heard that, I got sick to my stomach and wanted to beat the fuck out of the priest. Shortly after is when I decided to denounce organized religion forever.

    But this pope...Obviously he's in the organized religion business since he's a catholic. But this guy is on the ball. He preaches love and hope and doesn't judge. I'm not saying I'll ever go back to being a protestant or catholic for that matter, but this man appears to be a good man, and if he backs equality for everyone, then I’ll back him...I'm not catholic but ill back him since his values make sense to me. He seems to want peace and love and equality for all... I don't know...Just my thoughts...
    I think it's like politicians or committee members...they do a blurb of what their values are, and then you back them if your values align.
    Or maybe I can use Kickstarter projects - you see it, you like it, you back it.
    Not saying the pope's a politician or a Kickstart project, but like you said that you'll back him since his values make sense to you. I think I do that a lot too actually, if they do something that aligns with the values I believe in, then I will back him.

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