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  • The work grind
    Why are Sundays so goddamned boring, when Mondays are so maniacal? Wouldn't you think an even keel type of deal would be more appropriate for a week’s balance?

    Tuesdays are OK, it's like getting up from the canvas after the 8 count.. you know you got business to take care of.

    Wednesday people call hump day. in the middle of everything. Ya I guess I can see that...you are just in robot mode, processing....

    Thursdays have always been good days for me. In my first job, Thursday was payday, you know the worst of it is now behind you , and Thursday can't fail because its right next to...........................

    FRIDAY! When everything finishes you can finally take a break from whatever you were doing.

    Saturday is like a pillow day to enjoy being disconnected, far away from what you have accomplished, but not yet close enough to what you need to do. That's what Sundays are for...

    Sundays I used to get a sick pit in my stomach at about noontime or after because of worrying about the stresses of the following Monday would bear.

    What does your week look like?
    i generally don't notice the difference between any given day
    What is this thread about? It certainly doesn't seem to match its title. @LZA please try to rename this thread in a way that sums up what you want to talk about or the thread will have to be moved to The Pit. /admin
    Admin: Rename the title to "The work grind" I cannot rename the thread as the system will not allow me.
    (05-18-2015, 04:40 PM)LZA Wrote:  Rename the title to "The work grind"


    Thread moved to a more appropriate forum.
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    All I know is that I'd like Saturday

    steven hawking
    Sundays are when I watch the new Game of Thrones.
    Mondays are when I go eat at McDonald's.
    Tuesdays are when I watch the new Tosh.0.
    Wednesdays are when I watch the new CSI: Cyber.
    Thursdays are when I watch the new Louie.
    Fridays are when I watch movies.
    Saturdays are when I also watch movies.

    My weeks are good in general.

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    My friend used to brag how he'd ask and get every Friday off... He'd say "nice long weekend bro!!"

    I used to think, why was that so great. I'd rather WORK Friday when everyone was in a good Friday mood and the day seemed to go by fast.

    I used to take every Monday off, which, gave me a nice long weekend too, and my week started after everyone was over there Monday morning blues...

    Friday is still my all time favorite day of the week. Everyone is in a better mood and relaxed.
    Another Monday come and gone. For 6/1/2015 it feels like 11/30/2015. Cold and rainy. I like having open windows but not today. Ironed all of my wife's uniforms for her nurses tech job.

    Back and neck are sore from mowing 6 lawns... Sometimes I miss the daily grind at my old workstation,but I don't miss the office politics though...

    Hope you all have a good work week!!! Smile
    I start"working"next month

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