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  • The lost art of driving
    I picked my buddy up this morning and went to the hardware store to get suppliers for some home improvement chores. This particular store is located at a busy intersection. The intersection itsself is one of the worst designs ever conceived by the idiotic engineers of the DOT. Only one particular inlet has constant right of way, while the other three intersecting roads (all very busy too) are constantly backed up. When the drivers in the before-mentioned "other three roads" see the slightest opening, they take it, no matter which of the other roads actually has the right of way. I have been cussed at, flipped off, cut off and all manner of other crazy responses to my treatment and adhearence of the actual rules that apply to the right of way. I once had a passenger grab my hand to stop me from drawing my pistol because some jackass (with New York plates no less) cut me off and then gave me the finger and sped away. I had the damn right of way! Stupid ass people, texting, fuckin with their radio, iPad, GPS or maybe just getting some "road head" honestly don't believe that they have (or are currently) doing anything wrong. The human brain is actually incapable of multitasking. Your brain can switch between two different task, or three or four, but it is not doing all of them at once. Combine the multitasking misconception with the average driver's lack of knowledge of the rules and what you end up with is one of the most dangerous things known to man: a moron with a weapon. Stepping in your car is like becoming part of the shooting gallery at a carnival. One where the guns are rigged. And don't get me started on women drivers...

    Fistfull of xanax
    Big Grin

    Women drivers . . . hmmm that's a thread all by itself Tongue

    Wildcard is awesome.
    come over here for a while and learn what road chaos means,as soon as i hit the road i throw a switch and go into"cowboy mode",otherwise i go nuts in about 2 seconds
    (12-27-2011, 10:40 PM)Mark Wrote:  Big Grin

    Women drivers . . . hmmm that's a thread all by itself Tongue

    Screw you Sunshine Flipping the Bird -- I've never lost a single point on my licence and I've been driving for nearly 20 years. The only time I've had an accident was when I was stopped at a stop sign (weird thing to do, I know) and some wanker in a 4 wheel drive ran up the back of me. Apparently he thought I should go, ignoring the fact that if I'd gone I'd have run into the car already on the road.

    But LH, you're right about the sheer ignorance of people on the roads (though I hesitate to suggest that temptation to draw one's pistol does not really disqualify one from the "road rage" category). I've come to the conclusion that they're very important people, and the 12 seconds it saves them by weaving in and out of lanes, tailgating, running red lights and cutting people off is totally worth the risk of killing someone. If only all these people found out the deadly power of a motor vehicle for themselves, in a single vehicle accident with no passengers. I fear natural selection is failing us in this regard.
    I've written off MY car on a friends driveway that was no bigger than the car itself. LMFAO!!!
    I love to give others instructions on how to drive "from my arm-chair".

    So in my small mind i "am THE driver".
    I guess that's why i'm covered in scars. LMFAO!!!

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