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  • The comeback of PirateLyfe.... i mean MasterFLIX!

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm here to announce that PirateLyfe has come back online! however it changed names to MasterFLIX instead.
    there is not really a good reason for the name change other then i simply do not own any PirateLyfe domain names anymore and i do own Masterflix.eu domain name
    and i didn't really use the domain name for anything in particular.

    so the past few months i've been working hard on the old PirateLyfe core to make it work on current webstandards and technology when it comes to webdesign and coding.
    needless to say i have succeeded with it and the core works fine in its current state.

    it exited beta phase today and MasterFLIX is officially open to public meaning anyone can register with a MasterFLIX account now and you don't want to create an account with us, you can also use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to login to MasterFLIX.

    so basically MasterFLIX has anything the old PirateLyfe had on site. there is maybe very little things that are still disabled because of development reasons.

    however i aim to push updates to MasterFLIX atleast once a week in the form a decent sized update. (including new never seen before features on a social network site in the near future)

    MasterFLIX Features:

    - Night / Day mode on the main Design. (You can choose between a light and dark layout for the main website design)
    - Social Videos Support. (Members can share videos from the biggest video sharing sites like: Youtube, Dailymotion, Vine, Vimeo, Facebook Videos & SoundCloud Music)
    - GDPR Compliance (MasterFLIX fully meets General Data Protection Regulation) (new EU Law)
    - High Performance & High Level Caching System.
    - Members can create a Page or Group.
    - Photo Albums
    - Cover Photos, Profile Photos.
    - Full Privacy Control through your profile settings.
    - No Email notifications! (except for password reset or activation email)
    - Hashtags and @ mentions.
    - Delete & Edit posts (members can remove their own posts and edit them)
    - Like and Dislike.
    - Live Chat system.
    - Multi Languages Support: English, Dutch, Spanish, French, German.
    - You can apply for a Verified Profile/pages.
    - and much more.

    Go check it out now!

    MasterFlix - A Discord Bot
    Multi purpose bot - includes audio, moderation, twitch notifications...
    (This post was last modified: 10-25-2018, 02:41 AM by HTorr3ntz.)
    Great job, @HTorr3ntz! I hope it is a huge success!
    Woot, looks great so far, and I haven't seen any bugs.

    Nice work mate.
    (10-25-2018, 07:22 AM)politux Wrote:  Woot, looks great so far, and I haven't seen any bugs.

    Nice work mate.

    Thank you, there is bound to be bugs somewhere Smile
    but work continues and bugs are fixed on a daily basis.
    Looks like you are putting a lot of time into the site. That's awesome.

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