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  • Music The Psychedelic Thread
    Music and discussions about psychedelic music of every kind and age...

    Just to start:

    Oasis - Lyla

    Something mainstream but nevertheless nice... Smile

    Born to Be Wild
    The Tea Party - Winter Solstice

    Born to Be Wild
    Colour Haze - Colour Haze

    (2004) Psychedelic rock / Stoner

    00:00 Mountain
    06:33 Tao Nr.43
    11:50 Did El It
    14:15 Love
    23:24 Solitude
    27:02 Peace, Brothers & Sisters
    48:39 Flowers

    Colour Haze is an interesting kraut band with that heavy psychedelic sound that nowadays they define "stoner rock"... Found on Youtube scavenging at random yestereve.... Smile

    their discography here:


    Born to Be Wild
    Kula Shaker - Into The Deep

    Born to Be Wild

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