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  • Tutorial The OP (Creating Viable Threads)
    I have created threads before all the while anticipating all the clever and entertaining discussion that it would bring only to come back later and find that it had been side-tracked and scattered.

    On SuprBay we have The Void, on TPP we have The Sewer, here we have The Pit . . . the place where threads go to die- and then to be born again as a brony Confused

    I have already droned on and on about Protecting Your Threads and I won't bore you further with that, but I would like to take a second to talk about the importance of the OP.

    The Original Post

    Usually referred to as the OP, this is the first post in the thread. It depends on which type of thread you are trying to start, but in all cases the thread's life outside The Pit depends heavily on this first post.

    In discussion/rant forums the OP should outline the subject, be it a massive scope or a specific person/place/thing and then clearly define what should be discussed; usually formed as a question.

    IMO one of the biggest problems with threads I see (in many forums not just this one) is that the OP either argues their opinion so heavily that it disenfranchises potential posters or they decline to give an opinion at all. If you want a thread to get posts that make sense then the OP needs to make sense.


    It is much harder to make a successful game thread than any other kind of thread because it requires the game to be entertaining to the most prolific of posters. If it is not appealing then it will be ignored or derailed. Here at RC we try to control those things, but when the original post isn't clear, or the game is very complex, there are bound to be misunderstandings. Tons of modcalls will kill a game.

    For a game thread take your time and think of how the thread will last in the future. Games like 'The Last Poster Wins' survive as an outlet for those of us who are addicted to posting, but there can only be so many 'release valve' threads before some of them get ignored. For a game to last it needs to be simple enough that the average poster can grasp it. If the game is too complex people will either avoid the game or fuck it up- either way that doesn't help the thread.


    I really don't have a lot to say about tutorials except to mention that it helps to know a subject very well before writing tutorials. Oh, and pictures are nice.

    Learn to use spoilers when you have a lot of information to give to the user as well.

    Oh and somebody do a tutorial on doing tutorials Tongue

    In Closing

    This entire document is a no-brainer for almost everyone, but when I was introduced to Internet forums I would've liked to have had this document and so I hope that it helps someone.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    This was very helpful. roll tape. cut and print. Yay

    Bunnies are better
    i will take head,eh,heed

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