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  • Discussion The Norm Macdonald Thread
    [Image: 6098.png]

    I am obsessed with Norm. I watch his clips on YouTube all the time — even when I am working on a project and can't really pay attention — even right now while I am creating a thread about him.

    Post all things related to Norm Macdonald in this thread.

    For every post you make in this thread, one starving child will feel a little better because they know that even though you have repeatedly chosen to avoid giving them money for food (at all costs) you are at least a good person for liking Norm.
    Kinda surprised to see Norm volunteering to do a roast. He has said before that he doesn't like roasts at all.

    [Image: KowJJZd.png]

    Either way, I'd love to watch it happen!
    @wildcard Dirty Work is funniest movie ever, I never understood how it bombed at the box office. I thought it was genius.

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    I completely agree, @Stella 1977!

    I guess some people have no taste!
    I love that movie! and Norm in general.

    @Stella 1977 Because of Norm and Dirty Work, I'm an Artie Lange fan!
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    @wildcard Dirty Work was not promoted much and was released at the same time that Godzilla 1998 was released which was dominating the box office.

    @LZA It's a shame Artie doesn't act much, he's a really good actor. Artie looks so cool and fat in Dirty Work.
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    @Stella 1977 He was the best part of the Howard Stern show after Jackie left. Artie is one of the funniest storytellers I've heard, and he's had a crazy life. I think the only better crazy storyteller I know is Joey Diaz. Have you ever seen Beerleague, Artie's movie? I have yet to see it, I know Ralph Macchio is in it.
    This has to be one of my all-time favorite clips. On Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Norm tells "The Moth Joke," which isn't new by any means, but it does take on a new life when he tells it Tongue

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    Here is one of my favorites... This shows his off the cuff genius by picking on Carrottop
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    @LZA, Conan knew exactly how to handle Norm. He basically just let him run, but look at the end of the clip and you can see that he purposely set Norm up for a huge shot, and then delayed for as long as possible to give him the perfect opportunity! Then for bonus points, he plays it off like he didn't see it coming. Genius on both sides!

    Letterman could do it too, but I think it was because he made Norm so nervous. He reveres the guy and it shows in this, one of my favorite clips. The time that Norm said David Letterman was "barren" LMAO

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