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    I am the type of person who believes in telling the people that mean something to you about it while you can. Recently we lost a great pirate in knockknock and because of some distractions, I never told him how much I liked and respected him.

    Some people like to say that nothing on the Internet is real (including me) but sometimes I break my own rules for people because they are so great.

    Post here to say positive things about your forum friends.

    Negative, sarcastic and offtopic shit will be failed. RC is a rant forum, but that does not translate into a non-caring clique-ish place imo.

    [Image: 2352.png]

    I'll start:

    @Spud17 is a fine soldier and I appreciate having the chance to have made her acquaintance. She seems to truly care about other people and is never ashamed to be herself. In fact, I am not sure she could be fake if she wanted to.

    In the year or so we have been in contact, she has given me many reasons to like and respect her.

    So, here's to you, spuddy Hats Off
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    I love this idea!!! Heart its nice to tell others how they have helped you. Smile

    There are so many but I will say that @sporkium is such a great asset to RC. He is always on the up and up about everything here and he is tech savvy. He is always kind when you ask for help and his many posts and threads are fun as well as intellectual. He is a great member and super mod!!! Thanks for being so kind and for all ur hard work. It wouldn't be the same without you. To sporkium the magnificent!!!!
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    Bunnies are better
    (08-17-2013, 01:10 AM)Bunny Wrote:  There are so many but I will say that @sporkium is such a great asset to RC.

    Totally agree and I am reminded every time I look at our awesome logo and images he made and by the sigs I use in MANY forums, all made by spork . . .

    @kath3 has been a person that I have admired since meeting up at SB. She has patience as given by God and is NOT afraid to share her religious opinions, but also is NOT some pushy Christian that gets on your nerves. I completely respect that about her. Yay

    imo she is the mother of both SB and RC (although @Togachu is my wifey, so I guess she is your daughter-in-law @kath3 Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin)

    Much Wub You
    @Bunny is totally HOT! Big Grin

    [Image: MyUserBar2.gif]
    Well…Let’s get into this I guess. Everyone I’ve come in contact with here. I’ll try

    not to forget anyone here:

    Here come da aidz……...........................................................................
    Spuddy my buddy when I was first signed up I knew it was you , that would keep me coming back and not just saying F-IT and doing something else.. With the Gangstarr blast I knew we were friends for life. Then and there: YOU were my first computer friend. I Love you for eva and I know Skinny /Joe is a great guy and I wish you nothing but the best for you in the world … I’ll always know I can come to you anytime and complain. You’ll always set me straight.
    I have to give props to SJ & Zeb too.. They helped me out being kind and not treating me as a newbie. They had their fun not letting me know that Spud was a Girl (not a hip Hop Dude). Great guys!

    When I posted about my bitch at the job , It was Sporkium that told me what really went on. Man I KNEW how smart he was by the way he would speak (Exactly like a business person would) His posts were right there, quick, cuz he knew what he was talking about, and he has a sense of humor and a girl that can go off like my wife does . My wife actually picked her ex up by the pants and rammed him through the front door trying to get him out ( I didn’t see it , but I guess she was pissed). The rage in a woman I can completely relate & sympathize with. It sucks that you pulled back because of a dumb joke I was trying to play… I knew it would get you… But I didn’t know how much. Sorry bro, I didn’t mean to skive you out. I admire your technical knowledge and your all round intelligence…I don’t know. Maybe I wanted to be more like you . quick and witty, something I never was .

    VF, I’m still trying to understand you completely… I know you’re the old fogger but sometimes I think your knowledge comes across a God Dammed Collage professor who is so bored with his job , and has to deal with idiots like me . Me being the new kid who doesn’t understand anything , just wants attention so I poke rocks at the old man, like a kid. I’ve never disliked you , but I guess my obnoxious tantrums (attention whoring) and you being the professional, I guess we rubbed off the wrong way. I was always trying to make you laugh (but I get it now) . Not everybody should be treated like a drinking buddy at first… I guess I forgot to establish the trust, and friendship , and boundaries, first. I guess I did that with everybody. My n00b mistake

    Kath3, I couldn’t understand how, through all my LZA bullshit you saw the kind, weak hearted kid I am inside (I know…Gay) . And you repped me for “being a good presence here”. That touched me. Because you noticed throughout the crap I would do with VF and Spork, trying to get their attention you saw through all of that and saw me for who I am. I know articulation is not my strongpoint, so my posts that I think means something, was taken for something else (unfortunately) and my points were twisted. Of course, my odd sense of humor made me look like the goof I am.

    Who else? Archane , we’ll be cool to the end of time, were probably the same soul inside. I’ve never agreed with anyone more than you… I think we get each other’s humor… Which brings me to SF , If I had an older brother you would be it. War dialing and phreaking… MAN we are two of the same peas in a pod…You obviously are better at netequite than I am, so you would coach me like a little brother.. giving me a perspective I would usually ignore and end up getting people pissed off. ( like I said earlier, boundaries first) I appreciate the hell out of you man.

    If I don’t mention you here, I probably think we’re still friends (if I didn’t do anything lately ) Helos, Bunny, and all the new ones. SnillIoc I came off crass to you because you were on a ban, so I thought it would be like torturing a puppy I didn’t really respect you at first , I came at you guns blazing What I didn’t expect was your “A “ game. I was , and am pretty impressed. And when you were trying to understand the concept of suicide , you were more than happy we were too dumb to pull this shit off. Like you said… Insults to pass the time away but no real meaning . You’re a great guy man, for a limey…

    Mark, WC, whatever you dumb redneck fuck. I told you in PM’s I’m your brother. I’ll PM you again so I don’t continue to gay up this post more than it already is. I can see spork not reading it because it’s too long , or VF shaking his head at the asshole trying to make an attempt to be nice..
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    @zeberzee has recently hung up his spurs so I'll take this chance to say how much I like the fucker Tongue

    zeb is one of my best forum friends and certainly has been a friend to RC throughout almost two years of volunteer service for this community. Always clever, always funny, always upbeat and cheerful . . . what more can you ask for?

    Anybody would be lucky to know him and any forum would be blessed to have him as a member.

    Cheers to you zeb Hats Off
    wildcard is and will always be my best friend.

    skinny can rant better than Dennis Miller.

    Fistfull of xanax
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    @LannisterHater is one of the most affable people I know. Rarely does he let the world in enough to actually effect his mood in a perceivable way and I admire that about him.

    As a forum poster he is real n00b but you guys should see him at a late night party with a joint in his hand a some good bourbon.

    My best friend for life even though it is often years between the times when we get to hang out.
    I love you allBig Grin
    (12-15-2013, 10:17 AM)srijantje Wrote:  I love you allBig Grin

    I agree!

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