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  • Movies The Many Saints of Newark
    I'll leave this here

    looks friggin sick! prequel to the Sopranos
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    Looks amazing! I cannot wait to watch this! Spinning
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    i'm so psyched!!!!
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    It just dropped that the film will be narrated by Michael Imperioli (Christopher) Smile

    Here is an article explaining why:

    Why The Sopranos' Christopher
    Narrates The Many Saints Of Newark
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    New image from "The Many Saints of Newark"

    [Image: in4joxj1vok71.jpg]

    New trsiler
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    I'm d/ling a web rip n@0!!!!!!!!!!

    can't wait to see... I'll post a review once viewed. I'm sure it’ll be all I want it to be.
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    Okay, here goes...

    It goes without saying that I was very excited to watch this movie. After forty-five minutes of making some dinner and rolling a fat joint, I finally settled down to get my Sopranos on. The show is my favorite television show, ever. The pressure was high and the tension, palpable.

    As the movie opened, I was lost. Obviously, I recognized some of the faces from promo pics for TMSON, but that was the minority. Most of the people that were on screen were unknowns to me. I spent a lot more time trying to place who was who, than actually getting to try to enjoy what was going on. Every time I thought that I had a grasp of whom I was seeing, a scene change brought me to new unknowns that I had to figure out. The movie was almost over before that guess-who-game was no longer an issue.

    Then there were the characters that I recognized, immediately.

    Michael Gandolfini does a fine job in this movie, but doesn't get nearly the amount of screen time I would have liked.

    This isn't The Sopranos, folks. This is the Dickie Moltisanti show. Confused

    Alessandro Nivola is a great actor, but Dickie's character development wasn't done well by Chase. I did enjoy the plot line of him trying to absolve himself while continuing to do more horrible things than the last, but what does it lead us to, in the end. Not much of a conclusion.

    One thing that bothered me was that, in the HBO show, we got a glimpse of younger characters, like Junior and Johhny Boy Soprano...and they were spot on. In TMSON, the characters that you immediately recognize are very few— and most of them are so recognizable because they are trying way too hard.

    Like the portrayal of Silvio Dante. I mean, don't get me wrong, John Magaro got his Steven Van Zandt impression locked in, but he is leaning over the line between Academy Award and SNL Skit way too hard. Just relax, bro. Silvio's mannerisms very likely weren't as pronounced in the '70s, so it makes sense that the actor doesn't have to go full on Bill Hader when protraying the younger version.

    A few of the characters don't look enough like the original character (or even their younger version we saw on the show.) Like Junior and Johnny Soprano. I recognize Jon Bernthal from other works, but he just didn't seem like the same kinda why-I-oughtta! type of guy that we saw in Johnny's sequences in the show.

    And Junior...the first time he dropped "ya sista's cunt!" was well done, brought me back to the Junior I knew, and gave me hope for the character. The second time he dropped the exact same quip, it felt forced, unnecessary and made me sad as they went on to portray Junior contracting a hit of a friend for one of the lamest and pettiest reasons imaginable. Not a fan of his role in TMSON, if you couldn't tell.

    My last complaint is with this story line that was all over the place and seemed more like a scrapbook of Sopranos stories than a movie with a point to make.

    Now on to what I enjoyed.

    Ray Liotta was amazing. He plays Hollywood Dick, Dickie Moltisanti's father AND his brother, Salvatore “Sally” Moltisanti, who is incarcerated and becomes a sounding board for Dickie in the movie. As always, Liotta is beyond reproach. He plays the two brothers as completely different individuals, and does it with ease. A truly amazing performance from a veteran actor.

    I liked the scenes that built upon the idea that Tony really did love his mother— that he really tried to bond with her...to help her. Vera Farmiga is the example that the other actors should have followed. She plays a watered down version of '90s Livia Soprano because that makes perfect sense. She wouldn't have developed all of her mannerisms fully at that time in her life, so it feels like Livia. It sounds like Livia. Not like someone trying to pretend to be someone they are not.

    It was good to hear Christopher's voice, too. He was a little more bitter than I would have liked, but that absolutely fits his character, so I digress lol

    All in all, I put a lot of pressure on this movie, so I will admit that the average viewer might not think it was too bad, for me...

    Frankly I’m depressed and ashamed.

    My estimation of David Chase as a man just fuckin' plummeted.

    Anyways, I said my piece.

    Four dollars a pound.
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    I can't read yest as I haven't
    gotten a chance to watch...hopefully tonight
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