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  • Discussion The Lighter Side of Trump
    The Internet is overrun by stories about Trump, whether in support or calling for his immediate death. I don't want this thread to be like that.

    [Image: 6041.png]

    There is a lot of this madness that passes for politics that is fucking hilarious. Just the way he fucking tweets like a rich, powerful child is so great to me.


    [Image: 4ih05dB.png]

    This, following NY's efforts to see his tax returns.

    [Image: wU0FirM.png]

    Why in the fuck did he put "great" in quotes, as if someone else was making a claim that he couldn't verify? LMAO

    I do not want this thread to be some kind of shitshow about political ideas. If you hate Trump, then this is not the thread for you.

    If you are like me and could give a fuck less about Trump, or any other politician for that matter and don't mind having a laugh at him without trying to get a dig in at one party or the other, then post away.
    [Image: bSBZ6Xs.jpg]

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