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    Brap brap brap. Good one^
    Each day a cruise ship emits as much pollution as a million cars.

    But luckily they get back on the ship after a few hours of tourism.
    St. Patties pick up line...

    See cute girl; ask:
    Are you from Ireland? Because my penis is DUBLIN
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    I'm not sure about my gender identity, but I think I'd like to be tucked under and stitched.

    So, I guess I identify as a hem.
    — original
    [Image: ToqttEi.jpg]
    Left tied up, a horse grazes on marijuana buds, unbeknownst to the experienced rider who was about to begin a dangerous trek up the mountain. A native guide had seen the whole thing and warned the adventurer to choose a different mount. The haughty man ignored the advice and rode away and left the guide there thinking, He really should get off his high horse...

    — original
    I was at the DMV when my wife called.

    She asked me, "Are you paying your ticket, or just standing there?"

    I told her, "It's a fine line."
    — original
    My kid has a weight problem, but the doctor says he will outgrow it.

    He should. He outgrew everything else!
    Why wouldn't Snow White give any of the other dwarfs a chance romantically?

    Because she is fucking Bashful!
    I have what it takes to be gay.

    I just don't have it in me.

    — original

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