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  • TV The Irishman on Netflix
    @wildcard This story wasn't worth telling. Scorsese couldn't hide the fact that Sheeran was just a boring thug.

    I didn't find Hoffa interesting either. All I saw was Pacino doing his shtick.

    It was also obvious that Sheeran was portrayed by an elderly actor. There were definitely scenes where younger De Niro looked plastcky and like a video game character. All of them walked around like old men. Their hand movements, shoulder movements and knees all looked like they were in pain. A mess of a movie, I couldn't connect emotionally to any of characters , didn't give a shit about his relationship with daughter, for 3 and half hour long movie it really was so average and didn't pay off at all. Some of the deaths looked cartoonish and the "this person died" after awhile just became a gimmick.
    I thought it became boring pretty quick,same old same
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    It was long, but interesting. I don;t think I'll watch it again, but it was good.
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