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    The Good Morning/Good Night Thread
    The temperature is out of the ordinary here. Usually it is still in the 50's in November.
    Good morning, RC!

    33 degrees - F on this fine Tuesday AM!
    Damn. It was like 65°F for me, this morning.

    Good afternoon, folks. Wildcard
    Today (2nd day of fall), it's a more appropriate 50 this AM

    Good mornin ery'bodi!
    Good morning @LZA and all Wub You
    Good evening all!!!

    10/21 at 4:05PM EST and it's 70 Degrees F

    They say La Nina will make it a warmer winter. I'll take it
    Good morning, RC Smile

    Slept late and it feels awesome.

    [Image: NKOu9It.gif]
    had a pipe,slept like a baby,refreshing morning[getting cold here]
    Feally cold here... Getting ready for the first Northeast blizzard...

    12-20 inches (30-50 cm for you non-imperial plebs)

    Let's see... I have 1 new shovel... my ex FILs truck with the plow is broken, the snowblower is in pieces... and the guy we hired to plow is iffy on showing...

    gonna be fucking fun...

    I hate winter
    I love winter,plenty of firewood and pristene landscapes,cold?put on some clothes
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