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  • The Eternal Lie-In
    When I realised death is absolute,
    like the sky or my untidy hair,
    my body shook with dark wonder,
    as the notion of a dreamless sleep,
    always unbroken, spread across the wall,
    a large rain cloud. I was ten or eleven
    and scared, but warm in my bed,
    the sheets held close.

    I don't remember if I slept.
    Years of sparring with despair,
    based on this reality,
    that all which feels must one day not,
    has led to musings, after all,
    that maybe sleep is wonderful.
    We lie in bed for years on years,
    not once disturbed by mummy's hand,
    bringing with it school and chores,
    nor the alarm clock's android dirge,
    worshipping the square office.
    Rather, like a pleasant host,
    the universe allows its guests
    a very long lie-in.
    Very nice work, Jack. I will come back to this a little later.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    Cheers, MarkSmile

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