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  • The Dumb, the Thick and the Retarded

    Watched this video today and it reminded me of all the times I've been out in public and some rude, retarded cretin has seen fit to impose their repellant existence onto me. Like when I was eating at a cafe and some bitch's kids kept turning around to call me fat, said bitch not doing a fucking thing to teach her brats some manners. What are your own horror stories of encounters with the dumb, the thick and the retarded?
    I just wanna say one thing,your man in that video is a complete and utter retard full stop
    Ill second KP's opinion of the guy in the video, but I also sympathize with being in a public place with people that don't the common sense to act accordingly.

    Once I was coming down in a Waffle House when this girl and her friend/sister actually started pulling each other's hair and brawling in the restaurant!!! the cops were called, but no one was arrested except for her boyfriend who was cursing the cops out. Angry

    Wildcard is awesome.
    Why is the guy in the video a retard? Also, KP, he's not my man, whatever that means.
    i don't mean a retard as such but he just done my head in the term "your man" refers to here the person in the video,just slang!!
    Why did he do your head in?
    just kept going on and on and on
    Yeah...no offense Jack, but it struck me that he was as big of an idiot as the people he was talking about. If he was offended and wanted a night alone, why didn't he just get his food to go? Or better yet, keep his mouth shut. To me, it's just as bad to join in with a bunch of idiots.

    Then again, he was funny some of the time. Big Grin

    Wildcard is awesome.
    Well he'd already ordered an ice tea when those idiots came in so he couldn't just hurriedly leave the diner. And anyway why should he have? Should I have asked the waiters at the cafe I was eating at to put the rest of my food in a doggy bag because some bitch sitting across from me couldn't control her kids? I don't think he wanted to be alone so much as just left alone. He was okay with them until they dragged him into the conversation. Though if I were in his position I would have just accepted the girl's apology and left it at that. Actually I would have told them that I don't want to get involved when they asked me my opinion in the first place, so yeah I see your point, but I still don't think he was in the wrong at all.
    (This is turning into such a great rant! Big Grin)

    I honestly missed how he got involved because a co-worker wouldn't shut up while I was viewing it(and it was so long). I thought he just interjected his opinion. Blush

    And you're right, he shouldn't have to leave the restaurant, but I'm just saying that in the same situation I would've just asked my waitress to at least move me to another table(as they were the only other people there) and went on with my meal. That's why I always carry my iPod when I go out to eat alone. That way no one can bother me.

    Back to the topic, though, it is insane how some people act in public. Another point that should be considered is that businesses used to be more proactive in keeping the peace inside their establishments when they were locally owned. Nowadays everything is a franchise and no one gives two shits about what goes on as long as they are not bothered and make plenty of money. It's a shame.

    Wildcard is awesome.

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