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    I've been using The Drudge Report (www.drudgereport.com) recently to get a quick overview of international news.

    I like them because they provide a very quick way to get a look at the major international news events.

    Unfortunately, more than one person has recently suggested to me that service sucks.

    Can anyone explain to me what is wrong with using The Drudge Report to get informed on current news events?

    If it's true that they suck, I'd sure like to know of some alternative I can use. Can anyone suggest any alternatives they think is a better service?
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    well,Ali,I don't know,but opening the first article"inside Obama's secret outreach to russia",I thought,wait a minute,wasn't it victoria nuland and her clan who were the agressors?remember Yatz and Klatch,and also"neighboring"is a keyword in my opinion.and why secret negotiations?
    the rest of the article I didn't read.
    Heh! Thanks Sri.
    I have not used drudgereport.
    My suggestions:
    1) Google News (http://news.google.com).

    2) http://qz.com - I don't know about coverage. But I came to know about it on 'BBC Click'.
    I like the presentation and analysis.

    3) http://www.npr.org - Learnt of this via 'TED Radio Hour'. Nice and simple

    4) http://www.fark.com - For everything else Big Grin

    5) http://reddit.com - neatly categorized.

    I read the newspaper and watch TV, for my daily dose of news.
    Ref: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/

    FYI. This was among my bookmarks. http://newsbusters.org/

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    If you're getting all your international news from a single source, you should question what their narrative is, who their parent company is, and question their narrative. Chances are it'll fall into two neatly manufactured categories (left wing/right wing) with little room for actual news, and will have a very narrow (and manufactured) range of debate.

    Up until recently, I used to follow the news in around 12 different countries, and would read an average of 10 -15 different news websites for each country. By reading newspaper editorials, you can gain an insight into that company's stance on the bigger issues, their political proclivities, and whose narrative they're pushing.

    Once you've established who the mainstreamers are, you can go looking for independent news, but it involves a lot of time and research on your part. Eventually, you can follow a news story from many viewpoints, and for example, I could say that 3 - 4 news organisations in country X are saying 'Politician Y did something,' 3 - 4 saying that he didn't do anything, and one or two ignoring that story altogether because they're too busy exposing corruption at the United Nations, or some other story that will be unseen/ignored by the majority.

    When mainstream 'news' organisations are busy focusing on the size of kim kardashian's arse and whether it could break the internet, you need to ask wtf are these organisations not covering/not reporting. Kudos to anyone who refuses to be force-fed their news from the tv/radio and instead actively seeks out what's going on in the world by checking multiple sources from multiple countries with multiple agendas.

    While it's admirable to want to know what's going on globally, getting it from one source means your outlook and facts will be very, very narrow, and you could be being deliberatley misled/misinformed by the organisation whose 'news' you seek, on account of their narrative which they push constantly.

    I suggest that next time you come across a story that you find interesting enough to research further - look to overseas news groups for their take on the event. Read about the same story reported from say, the Japanese perspective, the Iranian, the Brazilian, the French - it's a good way of seeing what the rest of the world thinks about your country/how it's run and will at least widen your own perspective and mind.

    The drudge report btw, was created by this guy:

    Matt Drudge - Wikipedia
    no description

    ^^ a quick glance at his work bio and his stint at Fox News should set alarm bells ringing immediately. Personally, I'd avoid the drudge report like the plague, but if you're happy to be told what's going on in the world by someone who describes themself as a 'conservative populist,' that's your prerogative.
    Wow! I had no idea.

    Spud & RadioBox, I want to thank you very much. I feel my eyes have been opened to a whole picture that I have never seen before.

    I will spend some time reading the sources you have listed - except for Reddit. I have spent hours before trying to understand Reddit and for some reason, I've never been able to understand its organization. It sure is different from any other news and info site I've ever used before.

    Very kind of you both to provide me with that info. This has been one of the most valuable questions I've ever asked here. I feel like I've finally gotten my money's worth from this site.

    Big Grin Just kidding about the money (joining this site never cost me anything). But I'm def serious about appreciating your posts.

    I feel like I should add the reason why I've always liked Drudge and his report.

    I found out that he and his father (mostly his father) developed and maintain all the tools on his site (all the links to columnists and tools like the Drudge Reference Desk) and I've always thought that was extremely altruistic of them to do that because it must be a huge amount of work and they clearly do all that for free.

    I've always figured that anyone that would do that much work strictly for the benefit of others must be very caring people and therefore, their news site must be very good.

    I have to agree that is not terribly logical. But it just seemed to me that would logically follow.

    I see now that I will have to look at their sites from a new perspective.

    I will def begin by reading at least one other news site besides TDR.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. They always publish stats showing how many people click on their site and they always boast they get the largest numbers. However, given they represent the Conservative POV, it makes sense that if most of the Right Wingers chose their site, their numbers would then be huge. That is a real eye opener.
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