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  • The Disassembley A UK Goverment. [The Power Of The Press]
    Hi all,

    i've been an avid follower of the whole News Of The World phone hacking scandal over the last number of months.
    Personally i've always believed the old addage "Control the information, wield the power".

    Mr. Rupert Murdoch (Snr.) was giving evidence to the LEVESON INQUIRY today and it was a master class, IMO, of payback.

    This whole "Hacking" scandal is now exposing the cosy relationship between the media and political parties. Already, heads are beginning to fall.

    Also, it's leaking into Murdoch's HQ, America.

    Although i'm not sadistic or a vindictive person in any way, shape or form.
    There is a guilty pleasure watching "The Untouchables" squirm!!

    What are the views of you guys??
    I am watching this unfold with interest... I've always been horribly ashamed of the Murdochs being Australian, though slightly happier when the prick gave up his Australian citizenship to make more money in the US... the British press in particular have always been more scandal mongers than news reporters and it's very satisfying to see the press itself at the centre of such a debacle.

    It's also incredibly happy-making to see politicians squirm and know that they're probably not going to be able to scam their way out of this very easily.

    No fucking censorship. Ever.
    they will just being replaced with more of the same,nothing will change really,that's the sad thing of the matter

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