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  • The Destroyer's Manifesto
    You cannot tell the oak tree's shade without first feeling summer's palm,
    and as the mother seeks her son to comfort him,
    so we linger in our cells, aliens to empathy, no compassion finding us.
    We will soak in the degradation of man like gays in a Roman bath house.
    When I think of my soul I picture a creep in a leather jacket,
    leaning against a wire fence, chewing gum as rats scurry over his feet.
    When I think of love and friendship I picture an unfurnished house.
    These are the constructs of cowardly souls,
    those who seek to impose God where He's not wanted.
    Man is righteous and imbecilic. Know him with your knife, not heart.
    To violate the daughters of your oldest comrade is divine.
    We will hack through humanity like a mongoloid hacking at wheat.

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