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  • The Commonwealth Games thread.
    So, anyone watching? It's not as big as the World Cup in terms of coverage, and only 53 countries (compared to 220 Olympics countries and territories) will be taking part.

    Here's the sports schedule, dates, times (in BST), events list:

    Glasgow 2014 Day-By-Day Guide:
    Commonwealth Games Highlights

    I'll find a streaming site to watch the weightlifting and maybe 2 of the track events, but none of the other sports interest me in the slightest, I mean, I like to swim but can't sit on my arse and watch other people do it. Although there are many official Commonwealth Games sports, they differ at each one. The programme is determined by the host nation, and there is a limit of 17 sports for each one. The games end on Sunday 3rd August.

    Official 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games site
    There is some confusion about telecasting rights here. Apparently TEN Networks declined to share their feed. Link.

    I'd maybe watch Table Tennis, Athletics, Weightlifting.
    I'd proly watch Gymnastics for fun !
    All this will most likely be re-telecast for the next 4 years on the National Sports channel.

    Hmm. So the commonwealth games has 53 nations, but 70 odd countries participating. Interesting distinction.
    That is a very informative link (http://thecommonwealth.org)

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