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  • Thanksgiving
    I would skip Thanksgiving if I could, at least the large gathering part. I know that probably sounds awful, but I stress out when we get together @ my aunt's (which we're doing this year). Not only do we amass 4 generations of family, but she has 13 grandkids all by herself - and I LOVE kids - but BUT BUT - all total there will be like 27 kids under the age of 12 (2 sets of twins under the age of 2) and no one will watch them. Plus I have a few cousins who drive me insane (don't we all?) and my grandma - let's just say I will drink an entire bottle of wine plus take a Prozac just so I can deal with her.

    My aunt also tends to invite other people, namely her neighbors and her husbands family - and in this case more does not equal merrier.

    The list of food I'm supposed to bring is ridiculous, and quite frankly pissing me off. I hate being assigned a list, I'm an adult. Not to mention it includes 6 desserts and 3 side dishes and her 4 grown children with all those kids rarely if ever bring even 1 food item. My sister and I feel put out by the whole process - she has threatened to bring her 3 kids and nothing but paper plates LOL.
    My mother used to complain about the same thing when I was young. And then to top it off what about those relatives that make sure to take plates of food home but never bring anything!? That was what used to get on my nerves the worst.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    OH YES - they load themselves down!

    One cousin in particular has 7 kids (1 set of twins), acts like he is the most brilliant bulb in the universe (that's why his mom gave him a house, a vehicle, and helps pay his bills every month) and will spend hours telling us all what a brilliant musician he is and how rich and famous he's going to be - uh, I have spent the better part of my adult life around musicians, and - NO. He and his wife will bring nothing, yet leave with half of the leftovers. Last summer my home was "volunteered" (last minute I might add) for a large family dinner and not only did he complain that I hadn't bought and cooked enough meat, he also complained about the way it was cooked and that we ran out of butter. And I quote "What kind of people run out of butter?". Uh, excuse me fucker, people who didn't plan to serve a small army and don't consume large quantities of saturated fat!
    That makes me so mad I shuddered! I had a guy come to my house uninvited and complain after he drank all my beer that I hadn't bought enough. Call me a bad person but I promptly asked him to leave and never come back(to the chagrin of my friends)

    Wildcard is awesome.

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