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    Ooh, i got a piercing as well in my tongue Wink

    2 pierced ears and a tattoo on my hand
    That must hurt? The tattoo on the hand?

    no,didn't hurt as far as i can remember,long time ago
    (06-19-2012, 09:14 PM)Togachu Wrote:  So, since I'm bored, I'm just wondering if you have tatoos or piercing?
    If yes: Where, how many and of what?
    If no: Why not? ^^
    Cool Smile

    Only tattoos. Gothic writing covering my shoulder blades, a wooden cross that looks like it's been pierced through the skin on my left forearm, a black square on my index finger, and on my right forearm a curvacious faceless doll with stitches across her face and arms holding a syringe in her left hand, and from her right hand strings go down (as if she's a puppeteer) to a giant heart on my wrist with blood pumping out and an arrow running through it.

    The one on shoulder blades is not complete until I get one more (large) tattoo under it. And the one on my right forearm is incomplete until I cover my entire right arm. I already know what I want. I've known for years.
    My left ear is pierced in the traditional way, and I have this on my left shoulder.
    [Image: MyTattoo_zps0f888c33.jpg]
    Yes, that is my actual left shoulder.
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    [Image: MyUserBar2.gif]
    I know this thread is about the tattoos we have, but I just found an awesome tat and wanted to share it. (And by awesome, I in no way mean that I would want this tattoo; just that it was done well.

    [Image: ea7EpNg.jpg]

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