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  • Taking sides on everything
    Hi everyone,

    I was talking to a colleague today and I stated how it was good that Israel and Palestine has hopefully come to an agreement.
    He just replied that he supports Israel.
    You would think it was a football team by his tone.
    I tried to explain that I don't take sides, as it's the safety of innocent people that matters to me.
    Unfortunately here in Northern Ireland, flags mean more to some people than other humans and their feelings. You would think after decades of senseless violence and killings pieces of coloured cloth would not be seen as so important.

    So as well as British flags, we have Irish flags, paramilitary flags, and now Israeli and Palestinian flags.

    Some Catholics hang the Palestinian flags, and some Protestants hang the Israeli flags. Once again deepening the divide by taking opposing sides.

    Why do some people feel the need to take sides.

    I think it might be because of the dualistic way we see the world.
    Good and bad, night and day, god and the devil.
    It's too simple, life nearly always isn't black and white.
    It's mostly grey. There's good and bad in all of us probably.

    Atrocities are atrocities. People are people no matter what their religion or race. We should not tar people of one religion or race with the same brush because of what a minority of that group do. Even worse is blaming whole nations because of what their governments do.

    Lets all try to get along peoples.

    Rant over and out...
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    Wow! not a post I would think I would be reading from Charles Manson. Well Said Smile

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