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  • TV TV shows that have not held up well and were a big disappointment
    I remember when I was 10 to 14 I used to watch The Twilight Zone and I thought it was just the most avant garde and coolest show I had ever seen.

    I recently found it listed in a Google search titled "Highest Rated TV Series".

    It was rated number 10 on their "all time list".

    IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. Find exactly what you're looking for!

    Anyway. I watched a smattering of episodes from various seasons and I was so disappointed.

    IMO, that show just did not hold up very well after all these years.

    Today, the plots of the episodes just seem simplistic - almost foolish. I was very disappointed and I can't imagine how anyone at IMDB would ever have let this show get into the Number 10 spot on their list.

    Or maybe I just don't understand the process used by IMDB and maybe this had nothing to do with the people who administer the site. Maybe it is just some member who put together this list on their own. Still, it says that at least 5,000 people voted for it.

    Anyway, have you recently watched any old TV shows - perhaps that you once enjoyed long ago but were greatly disappointed because they did not hold up very well after many years?

    Alternatively, have you found any shows that were big surprises and did hold up very well - maybe even better than expected?

    I recently acquired most of the Maverick TV shows (with James Garner) and also The Rockford files (it was from more than 40 years ago) and both of those held up really well. I was surprised. But, the same group of people were involved in the production of both of those shows. So maybe I should not have been too surprised.

    Maverick was produced around 1960 and The Rockford Files was produced around 1970.

    Oh! I just remembered. The Flintstones. I remember getting some good laughs from this show when I was around 8 or 9. I should have known better but I went and got all 6 or 7 seasons of the stupid thing and then I watched a few episodes and Holy Shit! Did it ever suck! I couldn't believe it.

    And yet, this show has a very large fan base today. Many people in their 50s and 60s and even beyond still are big fans and they collect all kinds of stupid Flintstones crap. I just can't understand how it has so man fans and yet ... it is such a big piece of shit!

    It seems to have been written for 5 year olds. I should have known better.

    I mean ... I know it is for kids. But I thought that adults could get some enjoyment out of it as well cuz it was supposedly based on Jackie Gleason's "The Honeymooners".

    Oh well. To the producers of these turkeys: You can all Live and learn I suppose. Or, in your case, maybe you should Live and Stink! If you don't want to, then just just get a fucking deodorant already. Asswipes!

    Well .... I SURE WAS WRONG!!!
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    I loved Dukes Of Hazzard & Knight Rider when I was younger...Not that they are bad not, but they are lame as hell now...
    I know this is a movie, not a TV show but I really was disappointed in watching The Breakfast Club after all these years. Back in it's time everyone was awesome (like most of the brat pack movies).

    As far as a big tv show that held up better, it would be My Name is Earl. I remember getting angry when I first saw the previews & saying "this won't last 3 episodes..." I was wrong, and I actually do like that show.
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