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  • Syriously????

    I haven't paid too much attention to this Syria BS. Really, the first I've heard of it was when I saw Obama on the news going through congress to help out. I also know about the Syrian government gassing their own people.

    The video is Glen Beck showing what's going on over there, and who we're backing... Even Putin is disagreeing with arming this guy.

    I really don't know. I think we shouldn't back this guy just because we shouldn't be nosing in on another war...

    Also, if this Abu Sakkar is who we're backing, and he is the enemy of the government / side in the civil war who gasses it's own people, wouldn't you want someone like him fighting for you??? He certainly has a love for his job...

    Also, the video didn't shock me... Especially when, in my research for this post I see that Syria (both sides in the civil war) are all Muslim, which of course reminds me that they are of the same religion that believes in honor killings...(those god gamned turban wearin...)

    The only other thing I got out of it was an increase in my respect for Putin. Why can't we just nose out and fix ourselves first??
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    Very scary situation - for sure.

    I feel pretty helpless about it. Really not sure which propaganda artists to believe - if any.

    I have an overwhelming urge to just bury my head under my pillow and try to forget about it.
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    I tried the under the pillow technique...It doesn't work.

    Under the pillow I realized there is much more evil that I don't know about because it isn't filmed. I just hate that innocent people have to be dragged into this...
    the middle east has always been in some type of turmoil. it always will be. No disease or natural disaster has killed more people than religion. how many people have died throughout time because of religious intolerance or extremism? they are all theocratic pushpins in a corkboard of uncaring, hypothetical republics that batter the weak with hubris and monolithic arrogance. the entire region is a forsaken wasteland that they lust for as if it were a lush paradise.

    Fistfull of xanax
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