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    He Lures Alleged Child Predators And
    Shames Them On Facebook. Now One Of His Targets Is Dead.

    This is an article about a group called the Popsquad, who take it upon themselves to pick up where Chris Hansen left off with To Catch A Predator. They pose as decoys on the internet (usually boys or girls 14 turning 15)and after setting up dates, these predators comedown to meet who they think are kids but instead, they meet these guys. You know the gist.

    An NBC reported wanted to do a piece on these guys since they have caught many people. Instead of providing an informational piece on who they are and what they do, the reporter actually demonizes these guys saying that they "lure" the predators (instead of the predators being sick fucks and coming of their own free will) and demonize these guys and paint these pedos as victims.

    One of the predators actually freaked out and hung himself. The story makes it look like these guys were at fault instead of the alleged sex offenders suffering the consequences of their decisions. The reporter brought up how good of a student this predator was, how he was gay and Jamaican (and how much harder it was for him) blah blah blah. Almost like a Kevin Spacey type smoke screen to throw off the fact the guy wanted to fuck a kid...

    This to me is deplorable for the reporter to do a hit piece like this, regardless if you agree with the approach the pop squad takes, I believe UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a predator that comes to a house to have sex with a kid can eve be considered a victim. I heard of people being sympathetic to pedophiles, and those who want to normalize it but this is an indicator that society is starting to go full retard under the guise of political correctness.

    I hate the article and am happy this is getting more exposure and 99.999% of the people agree with me... The only people who don't agree are the predators, family members who don't know (or don't want to know) the truth, and people like this reporter who apparently lost sight of reality to try to be politically correct.

    Maybe I'm missing something. What are your thoughts? Are these predators victims and not to be held accountable for their actions, or should these people be treated for the actions they took?

    This pop squad group is out of my hometown of Bristol Connecticut, and they have over 100 catches with some arrests. Some of the videos on the pop squad site when they film their catches are in my neighborhood. One, in particular, was right by St.Anthony School, which is a 3 min walk for me and is a K-5 school, so this pisses me off more because I can directly relate as opposed watching "general fucktards" that I don't know on To Catch a Predator.

    Again, regardless of anything else, sexual predators are only victims of their own devices...The word victim should be reserved for the people who suffer from the actions of these types of people.

    Here is the pop (Prey On Predators) squad website:
    POP Squad
    Prey on Predators
    (This post was last modified: 01-07-2019, 05:01 PM by LZA.)
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    1. (my priorities are fucked up) they have a bad ass website. I'm not usually into videos playing on page load, but those animations were awesome and loaded fast. Very nice.

    2. I am fine with this. I just watched a video from their site and these people are scumbags and deserve so much more than public humiliation.

    3. Are the people running the website doing it for the money? At least partially, I would assume. So what? I can think of nothing better to make money doing— especially if you love doing it (and they seem to).
    (01-07-2019, 06:29 PM)Wildcard Wrote:  3. Are the people running the website doing it for the money? At least partially, I would assume. So what? I can think of nothing better to make money doing— especially if you love doing it (and they seem to).

    Money is more of a by-product it would seem. He stated elsewhere (and on some of the catch videos) that he does it because he has a kid, and law enforcement isn't as "caught up" with enforcing the law as he'd like, and even the laws themselves need updating, so he's bringing awareness...

    They do sell merchandise and they accept donations... I'm sure the more notoriety they get the more money people give. Some people comment that they are glad to give money to help. I'm hoping this attention will backfire of the NBC reporter and make them stronger as a result.

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