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  • Stupidness Re: Pets
    OK, a little rant here. I've just dealt with a whole storm of stupidness. All of it in regards to pets and their diets. Also people's opinions and how they somehow magically outclass the advice of the Vet.

    So, I was living with some people I used to go to college with. One of them was taking care of his family's cat. Not only did this dude decide that letting his cat use our litter box meant he didn't need to take care of his own box, but after 4 months of being fine with me splitting the wet food *I* bought between my cat and the others in the house, decided that the .5 oz of wet food I was giving him was making him 'fat'. So, he tells me to stop giving his cat the wet food.

    I have a couple of problems with this and the way he reacted to the couple of times I forgot the change in schedule and slipped up (his reaction: to yell/scream at me and call me a liar when I said I was trying to follow his request).

    1st: Cats are obligate carnivores. They *need* meat in their diet. 2nd: They have a low thirst drive and don't drink enough water to properly hydrate themselves, thus they ALSO *NEED* water in their food. Also known as WET FOOD. 3rd: Dry food only diets like that cat was on can lead to serious health issues (example: chronic dehydration, bladder infections, and urine blockage). 4) This is all information I found out via my vet and at least 3 different vet sited websites. I explained my respect for his opinion, and the counters I have just listed.

    His response? 1) "Take the vet's advice with a grain of salt." also "Don't always listen to the vet" 2) "That cat food you've been giving him gave him issues when we first tried to give it to him" *9 years ago, and the cat had no issues in the months I'd been feeding him* 3) "He's been doing just fine on the dry food"

    Am I alone in wanting to palm his face until logic rattles in? I can understand stubbornness and a certain level of stupidity in humans. I'm sure we've all come to expect a certain level of stupid from time to time. I have a harder time accepting it when the stupid is in regards to the care of an animal.

    My biggest peeve here? "Don't always listen to the Vet." what? WHAT!? THE ACTUAL FRICK?? That is an excellent civilian opinion, there. Watch me hold my breath for the 8 years of veterinary schooling you have no intention of getting. One vet's advice vs another, maybe, but no? Just The Vet in general? Ok, and you're getting your advice from who now? Bastet, maybe?
    Tried one brand of wet food 9 freaking years ago and then decided that all wet food was the devil? Ok, then.

    Sorry for such a long post. I hope I'm not alone in being completely baffled by this anti-vet, anti-wet food stance.
    You know... I agree...

    The thing is, when cat's are young they don't react well to wet food for some reason. My cat used to always throw up from wet food when he was young, now I don't think he does... anyways...

    I'm just feeding dry food (no grains) right now because I have a kitten and I prefer giving him dry food right now, I have a cycling water fountain for them to drink out of (which they drink A LOT of water... I'm very surprised actually but I guess it has to do with water cycling and I think that's why they drink it a lot)... anyways, as soon as my kitten is 3 years old I'm going to start giving them wet food only too.

    But yeah, most people are like that, when they find themselves or another living thing not reacting well to something, then all of that (similar) products that they used are now considered bad.
    I'll throw my two cents that will provide absolutely no help... I've had many cats. 3 right now. And my black cats cannt accept wet food?? They puke it up for some reason??? My tiger cats do well with wet though..

    Just thought I'd throw that in... Strange...
    Ok so maybe it has more to do with domesticated animals vs feral... not that your cats are feral... but maybe they've evolved already to stop accepting the wet food as part of their diet. I don't know, I need to experiment.
    Seems to me the reasonable solution would be to feed your cat whatever works best for your cat and feed the other guy's cat poison.
    1 of my cats is feral. I've had him for 16 years (getting scared for his health) He was much friendler than some of the domesticated cats I seen...All in the temperament I guess???
    Your room mate is a fucking prick bastard. Poison his cat and kick him out.

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